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Bautismo bajo condicion?

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 06 June 2019

Hello Prim@s,

I was curious to what this could mean on a baptism record for Maria Epifania Barvosa, the last one on the right, the priest scrached "solemnemente", and wrote "bajo condicion" instead

Here is the link

Thanks in advance for your opinions... happy day!

it's a conditional baptism. because they couldn't verify whether the child was validly baptized. there could be lots of reasons but the most likely one is that there was an emergency baptism because the child was sick and the person baptizing may not have been sure that it was done properly.


Thanks for your response, you are right in your answer as this child died shortly after, but I wondered why bajo condicion, it must have been very obvious that the baby would die soon so they must have performed an emergency baptism.

I find all this things oddly fascinating!

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