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What does “expuesto” mean?

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By Esther Hernande... - Posted on 01 June 2019

Hi, I’m going through baptism records, searching for ancestors and ran Into this one and have seen others with “expuesto en casa de..”, what does expuesto mean? I used translate but does not make sense. Does it mean the child was abandoned at this persons house or can this be his illegitimate child ? This one caught my attention because I have Hernandez Gamiño in my family tree.

Thank you

It means the child was abandoned in the house of.


How sad and thank you.


i have a couple people listed that way. although that's what it means, i do think many times the houses they're left in are probably related to them.


I agree with Danny.

The motive for abandonment of an infant could be poverty, or, it could be a cover-up for a child out of wedlock, a rape, a case of incest, or even a kidnapping.

It’s amazing what these small paragraph documents can tell you, the different scenarios it could be.

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