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Castañeda en Tamazula , Jalisco

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 16 May 2019

Hello everyone

I came across this information on the Informacion matrimonial of Tomas Castañeda con Josefa Orta (3.grandparents) as they were related... the record I'm referring to is:

Does this mean that there would have been a dispensa? or is the little piece of paper is the priest giving them the okay?

What are your thoughts?

A dispensa would not have been required as the relationship is between the 4th and 5th degrees. You are very lucky that they provided this as it gives you even more information then an average dispensa. Dispensas are for fourth degree or less, which is third cousin or closer.

From the information that we see in this record, and other marriage and baptismal records, I was able to put this family tree together. Here is this Castaneda family tree:


1. Pedro Ramirez and Damiana Castañeda y Velasco are the parents of
1.1. Nicolas Ramirez Castañeda married to María Josefa Bejarano Monroy, parents of (1.1.1 José Miguel and 1.1.2 Salvador)

1.1.1 José Miguel Giordano Castañeda married to María Candelaria Lopez,
1..1.1.1Juan Antonio Castaneda Lopez married Rita Gertrudis Plancarte María Josepha Castañeda married to José Vicente Orta Del Río Vicente Orta Castañeda and María Ana Alcaras Vicenta Orta married to Tomas Castañeda (third cousins once removed)

1.1.2 Salvador Castañeda Lopez married to Manuela Contreras Romero Vicente Guadalupe Castañeda married to María Guadalupe Garcia Matías Castañeda Garcia married to Francisca Mendes Tomas Castañeda married to Vicenta Orta (third cousins once removed)

María Guadalupe Garcia is how you are related to me. From her maternal grandmother she descends from the Garcia De Alba and Martin del Campo families.

Rick A. Ricci

Miguel Castañeda was married to María Velasco. I believe that Damiana Castañeda y Velasco is most likely their descendant. Miguel and Maria were married 20/Feb/1621 in Zamora, Nueva España (Michoacán, México). More research is needed to confirm thi information.

Rick A. Ricci

Wow Rick!

This is amazing... you have made my day!!

I was indeed lucky to have that piece of paper with the relationship outlined and the family tree,

For the longest time I thought I had come to a brick wall with that line of my ancestors as the baptism record for Tomas Castañeda said his grandmother was Josefa Alcaraz and not Guadalupe Garcia (our common ancestor), but I never bothered to check the rest of his siblings until you pointed it out for me, now I realized it was a mistake as they often made in those times with changing or switching names.


Here is some more information on your family. It shows that Matia was baptized José Mhatias Trinidad Castaneda Garcia

Salbador De Castaneda
Birthplace Exula
Spouse's Name Manuela De Contreras
Event Date 14 Jan 1756
Event Place San Antonio, Tuxcacuesco, Jalisco, Mexico
Father's Name Nicolas De Castaneda
Mother's Name Josepha Monrroy
Spouse's Father's Name Ygnacio De Contreras
Spouse's Mother's Name Rita Romero
Race White
Spouse's Race White
Citing this Record
"México matrimonios, 1570-1950," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Salbador De Castaneda and Manuela De Contreras, 14 Jan 1756; citing San Antonio, Tuxcacuesco, Jalisco, Mexico, reference Film; FHL microfilm 611,924

Name Jose Mhatias Trenidad Castaneda Garcia
Gender Male
Christening Date 09 Mar 1794
Father's Name Vicente Castaneda
Mother's Name Guadalupe Garcia
Citing this Record
"México bautismos, 1560-1950," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Vicente Castaneda in entry for Jose Mhatias Trenidad Castaneda Garcia, 09 Mar 1794; citing SAN MIGUEL,EJUTLA,JALISCO,MEXICO, reference ; FHL microfilm 1,155,437.

Ygnacio De Contreras
Mexico Marriages, 1570-1950
marriage: 9 June 1724 San Antonio, Tuxcacuesco, Jalisco, Mexico
father: Francisco De Contreras
mother: Juana Peres
spouse: Rita De Herrera Y Romero
other: Francisco Romero, Luisa De Errera

Matias Castaneda
Spouse's Name Francisca Mendes
Event Date 03 Jul 1817
Event Place San Francisco, Tamazula De Gordiano, Jalisco, Mexico
Citing this Record
"México matrimonios, 1570-1950," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Matias Castaneda and Francisca Mendes, 03 Jul 1817; citing San Francisco, Tamazula De Gordiano, Jalisco, Mexico, reference 2:R1FGFC; FHL microfilm 226,027

Most of my most recent research is in Spain and France. Just this past week I connected a couple of ancestral lines to the Castañeda family in Spain. They are ansectors of my Reynoso line. I have traced the line to the first Señor De Castaneda.

Rick A. Ricci

Matías Castañeda García married my 5th great grandfather Francisco Méndez de Torres y Méndez de Torres' second cousin, Francisca Méndez de Torres y Verduzco on 3 Jul 1817 in Tamazula. Their grandchild Primitivo Castañeda Orta would later marry my second great aunt Felipa Serrano y Gutiérrez de Mendoza on 1 May 1878 in Tamazula.

Thank you for sharing, I'm glad we share a close connection. Lots of intermarriage between the Méndez de Torres, Chávez, Castañeda, Orta, Alvarez del Castillo and Ochoa Garibay families in Tamazula--it's definitely a project fitting each piece together.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Dear Daniel,

It is great to have your input.

I have María Guadalupe García as the daughter of Juan María Garcia De Alba and Maria Manuela Uribe.

Juan Maria Garcia De Alba is the son of Lucas Garcia De Alba and Ysabel Martin del Campo.

Do you have any information on Lucas Garcia De Alba and Ysabel Martin del Campo?

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick,

I don't have anything solid on Juan María García de Alba and Isabel Martín del Campo. However, I believe he may be the son of Juan García de Alba y Ortega Maldonado and his wife, Juana de Robles Rico y Villaseñor, they settled in Ameca and had numerous succession between 1695-1715. I hope the following clues assist (may already have these) us on some of Juan and Isabel children's baptism. You can see their padrinos were relatives:

Juan María García de Alba y Martín del Campo baptism:
Padrinos: D. Juan Martín del Campo y Da. Manuela García de Alba

Juana Gertrudis García de Alba y Martín del Campo baptism:
Padrinos: Joseph Ruiz y María Martín del Campo

María de Jesús García de Alba y Martín del Campo baptism:
Madrina: Da. María Martín del Campo

I believe the madrina, Manuela García de Alba is the same as daughter of Juan García de Alba and Juana de Robles Rico, baptized on 2 Jun 1709 in Ameca.

One last record, another close link exist with the old alteño families. Manuela had a sister named Andrea Xaviera García de Alba, baptized on 21 Feb 1700 in Ameca and married José Pérez Franco y Gutiérrez de Hermosillo Rodas on 19 Jul 1722 in Ameca.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

One last close connection here, Matías and Francisca had another daughter, Luisa Rafaela Castañeda y Méndez de Torres baptized on 28 Aug 1833 and married on 5 Nov 1853 in Tamazula. She who was the third and final wife of Dolores de Valencia y Figueroa, my third great grand-uncle from Cotija, Michoacán.


Rick, where can I find your books?

Also regarding Maria Guadalupe Garcia... I've been trying to find her relationship to the Garcia de Alba in Ejutla, Tecolotlan, etc

Any light you can shed would be wonderful

I just wanted to add to this thread that in the Marriage of Nicolas Castañeda and Josepha Vejarano Monrroy the godparents were Fernando Garcia de Alba & Clara de Guzman, as well as they were godparents to their son Salvador

Happy weekend!

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