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Felipe Villasenor and Maria Domingo Sanchez Castellanos lineage

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By Robert S - Posted on 10 May 2019

Hello everyone. My Name is Robert Sheldon. I am excited to be part of this group. I have read a lot of posts here and it has been very informative. I have learned so much about Genealogy from this group. I am fairly new to all of this and have had a 2-year crash course since I signed up for an account and had my DNA tested. I have always been interested incfg researching my Mexico roots specially my Grand mothers roots from Zacatecas. I have found much info on Ancestry and Family search, but I am at a crossroads. I am having a hard time getting out of the Monte Escobedo area of Zac. I was fortunate to come across Pablo Cabral on a Facebook page Laguna Grande Mi Terra and received a few possible leads.

My Grandmother is Micaela Villa/Villasenor b. 1912 Laguna Grande Zac.

Micaela Villa 1912 Laguna Grande, Zac.

Lorenzo Villa b. 1874 Laguna Grande Zac.
Juana Trujillo b. 1880 Capulin de los Ruiz Zac.

I was able to get back to 1770 in Cienaga de Romo Monte Escobedo, Zac.

Ggggf Felipe Villasenor b. abt 1770 unknown
Ggggm Maria Dominga Sanchez Castellanos b abt 1170 Monte Escobedo Zac.

This couple is well documented in this are and have several children all born in Cienaga de Romo Monte Escobedo. Zac.

My questions are about the next generation down. I have provided 3 links to family search that show a Felipe Villasenor and Maria Francisca Antonia Carlos de Godoy but I think a am missing a generation based on these dates. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

I'm not sure what info you need.
Maria Dominga Sanchez Castellanos is my 2nd cousin 5x removed.
Maria Francisca Antonia Carlos de Godoy is my 2nd cousin 6x removed.

Most of the info on both of them appear to come from Jalisco, Mexico. Of course some marriages do occur in Zacatecas. I have seen other unrelated Villasenors info in Jalisco.

Joseph De Leon

i am stuck right here
Maria Dominga Sanchez Castellanos is my 4th Great Grandmother
Maria Francisca Antonia Carlos de Godoy is my 5th Great Grandmother

The issue i have is the dates do not add up and it seems that a generation is missing. Felipe Villasenor and Dominga are well documented in Cienega de Romo Monte Escobedo having kids starting in 1793. Most likely they were born around est. 1770

The Marriage of Phelipe Doroteo Villasenor and Maria Francisca Antonia Carlos de Godoy was 1756. He was 29 and i believe if you look real close in the margin you see that Francisca Antonia was 14 which puts his birth around 1727 and hers at 1742. I am trying to trace the Villasenor line back to the arrival in Mexico which most likely is with Conquistador Juan de Villasenor y Orozco Tovar

I don't think both Felipes are the same.

Maria Dominga Sanchez Castellanos parents are Esteban Sanchez Castellanos b. abt 1727 d.bef 1808 Monte Escobedo. and Juana de San Pablo del Real b. Apr 1741 in Colotlan, Jalisco
and died 3 JUN 1785 in Monte Escobedo.

I hope this helps you.

Yes you are correct. my guess would be

1. Felipe Villasenor b. abt 1770 Monte Escobedo
Maria Dominga Sanchez Castellanos b. art 1770 Monte Escobedo

4. Unknown
5. Unknown

6. Phelipe Doroteo Villasenor b. 1727 Real Hostotipac, Bolanos Jalisco
7. Maria Francisca Antonia Carlos de Godoy . abt 1742 La Troje Tepetongo Zac.

8. Juan Antonio Morales Villasenor b. abt. 1705 Bolanos Jalisco
9. Ma. Gertrudis de los Rios b. 1710 Mesquitec, Jalisco

10. Ildefonso Carlos de Godoy b. 1710 Jerez, Zac.
11. Antonia Fuastina Delgado b. unk. unk.

Would you have a lead on the parents of Juan Antonio Morales Villasenor?


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