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Cabuto en Etzatlan, Jalisco

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 08 May 2019

There is an dramatic change of last name on my ancestors... as I explain below:

1828- Florencio Cabuto & Damiana Lopez, Married June 25- Etzatlan, Jalisco
1827- Serapio Cabuto was baptized on Sep 9 with the Cabuto last name
1881- Serapio Cabuto & Andrea Reyes, Married June 25 (he married with the Cabuto last name)

Serapio and Andrea had 4 children, they are all baptized and registered RODRIGUEZ REYES
instead of Cabuto Reyes, so basically since 1882 my family now has the last name Rodriguez, but we should be Cabuto.

No one new this in my family, it was a big surprise. I was able to also check other descendants of Florencio Cabuto and Damiana ( Serapio's siblings) and they all carried on with the name Cabuto.

Serapio and Andrea continued to live in Etzatlan, its not like they changed names and moved away as in running from something.

I am beyond puzzled by this, and I will never know what truly happen

Has anyone had this happen to you? not a simple mistake on the last name as record keeping wasn't stellar, but a complete change??

It's likely many of us have seen something like this before. It happens, and for any number of reasons.

I can document an instance of three brothers using their maternal last name rather than their paternal one once they reached adulthood. This was in the late 1800s and their reason for doing so has been lost in time.

I wish I knew why they chose to drop their paternal name. Was their father abusive? Did he abandon them? The change frustrated me immensely when I was trying to make sense of the records and trace their paternal line. I later learned from their decedents that it caused headaches for some of them too when they needed birth certificates and marriage licenses back in the 1930s and earlier.

This goes on my list of things to do if I were able to go back in time :)

I have had a couple but one I was able to figure out why it changed. They all go by Santana now but in the 1700 there was an ancestor with Joseph Santana Suarez and I think the next generation got his middle name mixed up and used it as a last name of Santana.


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