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Alice Mata lineage

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By amanx24 - Posted on 08 May 2019

Hi, I am new to the site and am researching the Mata, Cordero, Bravo, Sayabedra, Alvarez and Villalpando lineages.
I have researched my Mata lineage back to my 6th Great Grandfather, Juan Joseph Manuel Mata. I estimate his birth to be between 1745-1750. He married Anastacia Villalpando in Manuel Doblado or San Pedro Piedra Gorda in those days. She was born in 1749. Although the majority of their children were christened in Manuel Doblado the last 3 were christened in Arandas. The majority of my known Mata ancestors were from Arandas, San Jose De La Paz, Degollado and Jesus Maria. It appears that many people had farms or ranches in the highlands in those days and would travel to Manuel Doblado or other local cities for events.
Many of the birth and marriage records show origin references to San Rafael de Los Altos, La Comisaria de Carricillo, and San Rafael which might be the Guadalajara neighborhood. Unfortunately all my research at this point cannot give me a clue to definitively extend the line. In any case I am happy to be here and have been enlightened by the history of Jalisco and Mexico overall.
Any help is appreciated.

Alice Mata

Hi Alice and welcome. I have only been a member for a few months as well. The people here are great and helpful.

You mentioned Degollado, my parents still live there and we have a lot of family there. I have a paternal uncle that is married to a Mata I wonder if you might be related.


Welcome Alice and Hi Esther!

A part of my family is from the same area as well. I have Hernandez, De la Paz, Lopez, Sevilla, Cos y Leon, Garcia, Ramirez, Guzman, Quezada, Angel, and Ascencio de Torres in my family tree. I also have three of the six names you're currently working on now (Villalpanda, Sayabedra, and Alvarez) and so I may be able to help you with them.

Carricillo is now known as San Jose de la Paz.

San Rafael is harder to pinpoint because there are many possible candidates in the area:

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply. There is a reasonable chance that she may be somehow related to us. I had 2 aunts and an uncle who lived in Degollado but unfortunately I never knew their families. Hopefully as I continue digging in I will be able to locate them. Both myself and my older sister were born in Irapuato and San Jose De La Paz but have not been back since we were very young. I know my aunt b 1925 married a Quesada in Degollado and the other b 1933 a Munoz. Actually my G Grandmother is a Quesada as well. And my son in laws family is from Degollado as well. His family is Moya.


Thank you mralvarez
I thought Carricillo was the farm community in the highlands but this makes more sense. I have other references to Puerto De Catalina which is right outside of San Jose De La Paz. The San Rafael is always refereed to as San Rafael de Los Altos. I will study these links and see if one is close to Los Altos. We could be related as my paternal Grandmother is an Alvarez and her mother was a Quezada. Also have Angel, Garcia, Gusman, Hernandez, Asencio De Leon, Ramirez. Maternal Grandmother was a Hernandez but from Guanajuato. Alvarez line is pretty interesting and goes way back.
Thanks for the info,


Hi mralvarez,

Every last name you mentioned above I have on my family tree and the are all from Los Altos. We might also be related. The Cos y Leon eventually changed to Leon on my side of the family though. Do you have a family tree on ancestry?



If I’m not mistaken, our most recent common Alvarez ancestor is Mariano Alvarez del Castillo, but I bet we have other lines in common since our families come from the same region.

All of the San Rafael locations I shared with you earlier are located within the municipios of Jesus Maria, Manuel Doblado, and Arandas. They’re all in the same general area covered by the parish churches located in those towns.

Yesterday I found the 1792 padron for San Pedro Piedra Gorda and it’s a good one. Compared to other padrones this one is very clearly written and descriptive.

Here is the link to the page of the padron where you’ll find Jose Manuel Mata & Maria Anastacia Villalpando.

Jose Manuel Mata and Maria Anastacia Villalpando live a couple of doors down from Eugenio Villalpando and his wife Nicolasa Raza, so, it’s very possible Maria Anastacia and Eugenio are related. (Eugenio sometimes appears as Eugenio Flores Villalpando.)

There are a good number of threads on this site dedicated to Villalpando that you may find useful:

San Rafael de los Altos is shown on this page of the padron:

If you look around you'll probably also find ancestors on the other pages in Capulin de Galvanes, Cienega de Galvanes, and Milpillas de Ayo el Grande.

I hope this helps.


I am pretty sure we are related considering all of the surnames we have in common. I think our most recent common Alvarez ancestor is Juan Manuel Alvarez del Castillo (casado con Lucia de Jesus Hernandez). I don't have my tree on Ancestry, yet, but I am open to sharing what I have so far with you and others (mralvarez314 at gmail).


Thank you so much for all the information.
The Mariano Alvarez Del Castillo is correct and also continues on to the Asencio De Torres line.
I have been researching the San Rafael locations and it appears that the #118 makes the most sense as it is proximate Manuel Doblado, Arandas and San Jose De La Paz. Amazing that you found the San Rafael De Los Altos Census. I did not know that these even existed. The individuals in the households are all children and spouses of Jose Manuel Mata. It appears that there are 3 households in this Rancho and I assume that it would have to be located within the San Pedro De Gorda parish? I wonder if there is a map somewhere of the census locations.
Also is there an easy way to search the Diocese records. When I attempted to search I ran into a long list of links that I had no idea of what they consisted.
Anyway your assistance is very much appreciated and hopefully I can offer some assistance as well.



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