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Need a second opinion please

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By Esther Hernande... - Posted on 06 May 2019

Hi Everyone,

I hope I can get your opinion on the research I have done and have. I am not 100% sure or convinced the ancestors I have on my family tree are correct after my 2xGP (Buenaventura). I don’t want to waste my time searching if it not correct. I have been working on this for a year now but the reason I am not convince is because I cannot find the baptism registration on my 2x GF. I have searched different municipal church records page by page for it and can’t find it anywhere. Let me tell you why it’s so important.

My paternal grandfather Leon Hernandez Torres was only 6 months when his father was killed Dec 24th 1917 in Degollado, Jalisco, and the town was under siege by the bandit leader J. Ines Garcia Chavez and his men. His parents were not married, his mother abandoned my grandfather and he was raised by his paternal grandmother. Last record was 1930 census. His mother moved to either Yurecuaro or La Piedad, Michoacan. She worked at “una casa de citas” and my grandfather’s uncle went looking for her but refused to come back. I found records of her she died in Guadalajara in 1928 and she remarried. My grandfather lived a very sad life and it really hurt him that he didn’t have parents. He didn’t even know his mother’s last name. He was a very quiet man and I didn’t know him well.

*GF – Leon Hernandez Torres
Born: Jun 28, 1916, Degollado, Jalisco
Died: Jan 12, 2006, Degollado, Jalisco
*Parents: F: Ladislao Hernandez Santana, B: June 27 1889, Degollado, Jalisco D: Dec 24 1917.
M: Pomposa (Rosa) Torres Paz B: ABT 1887 D: Jan 26 1928, Guadalajara, previously married to Juan Torres Aboites had one child together Domingo Dionicio Torres Torres.

Ladislao Hernandez parents:
Buenaventura Hernandez Martinez
B: About 1850 D: May 21 1907, Degollado, Jalisco – I found a baptism document in Hidalgo,MX for July 14 1850 with same parents names but I don’t think it’s him because on his marriage document it says he was originario y vecino de este lugar, which is Degollado.
Maria Rodriga Santana Muñoz B: abt 1852
Marriage: April 9 1885, on this document Buenaventura sister Sanjuana Hernandez and husband Modesto Lopez are the padrinos but the weird thing is on all of their (sanjuana and Modesto childrens baptismals the grandparents are Juan Hernandez and Ma. Guadalupe Martinez but on the marriage document her parents names are different.

Sanjuana Hernandez and Modesto Lopez marriage : I looked up his parents and they match their childrens baptism documents.

Buenaventura Hernandez parents, this is where I question the rest of my research, if it’s them or not. I found this marriage document going page by page.

Juan Hernandez & Ma. Guadalupe Martinez

Children for sure, Buenaventura Hernandez, the rest are questionable because they were on documents.
*Sanjuana Hernandez (can’t find baptism doc.),
*Alejandra Hernandez , baptismal below
* Modesto Hernandez (can’t find baptism doc.) was mention as a padrino with Ma. Guadalupe Martinez on Sanjuana’s child Cenobio Lopez Hernandez. Baptismal below

I found a death doc. For a Ma. Guadalupe Martinez in Degollado but not sure if it is her, only reason I think it is because Modesto Hernandez is mention on there and the mothers first name matches the marriage doc. But not the last name.

I found a baptism for a Maria Guadalupe but again the fathers name some what match Antonio Martinez or Martin but the mothers last name is different again but the first name is the same. On the marriage the mothers is Isabel Montes, on baptism: Isabel Ayala but on this document there is mention of a Saavedra and on the death Isabel Saabrdra.

I know this is a lot of information and would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you in advance

So, I looked at what you shared and it appears to me that you’ve done a thorough job. I think you’re on the right track and I agree with your findings. Yes, it would be better if all of the names and ages were consistent and 100% accurate across all of the records, but I think you should feel confident with what you’ve discovered so far. (Every time I find myself in your situation, coping with uncertainty in the records, I remind myself that many of my ancestors were illiterate and didn’t carry ID in their wallets.)

You didn’t mention the following so I am including them here.

The información matrimonial for José Ventura Hernández and Rodriga Santana.

A page from the 1825 padrón which I believe shows Juan Hernández living with his parents, Santiago Hernández and Josefa Reyes, and right next door to his widowed grandmother, Josefa Hernández, in la estancia de Tarimoro.

Hi Mr. Alvarez,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and looking into it, I really do appreciate it. I will continue with my research w/the ancestors I have found and I feel much better about it now. I already had the other marriage document BUT you don't know how excited I am for your new find the padron, about two weeks ago I went through this book but didn't find anything on them but I was looking for the ranch of Tarimoro. You don't know how happy I am that you found it and so quick. Josefa Hernandez was his grandmother and I think you right about that being her on the other page. So I wonder if the other Hernandez in that ranch are family members as well.

Once again thank you!!! :-) You have motivated me again to continue with my research, maybe one day I will find my great great fathers and other two childrens baptism documents.

Good night



So I have found several new documents on the parents of Buenaventura Hernandez Martínez and I’m having doubts again hehe. I found death reg. Of another son of Juan Hernández and María Guadalupe .
José Catasino Hernández of Tarimoro.

I also found the death reg. For Juan Hernández and he passed away 1844.

So there is no way that he is the father of Buenaventura Hernandez because he was born around 1850. I did find two other documents showing Guadalupe having two other children out of wedlock in el rancho viejo where they lived. So I’m pretty sure it’s the same person.
Cornelia Ramirez and Pedro Ramírez

So the only reason I think this might be her is because of the daughter Sanjuana on her marriage reg. It say she is an hija natural but in all her children baptism she put Kuantan’s her father. So I’m thinking she had Buenaventura and Modesto out of wedlock as well??? All of Buenaventura’s children baptism’s have the grandparents with both as well as his marriage reg. I have seared hundreds of pages in different municipales and can’t find his baptism reg. For the life of me. This is sure a very complicated couple hehe.

Has anyone ever ran into this issue where you can’t find a baptism document?

Thank you

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