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Presencia Judía en Los Altos De Jalisco

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By R.A.Ricci - Posted on 03 May 2019

I found an interesting article titled “Presencia Judía en Los Altos De Jalisco”. The article explains how many of the first Spanish settlers in Los Altos De Villanueva, Nueva Galicia had some Jewish ancestry. Although I agree with its take on the Jewish roots, it is off base when it explains that our French ancestry comes from French soldiers in the 1900’s. Most of my French ancestry comes from the original settlers who not only had some Jewish ancestry, but also carried with them some French ancestry. In fact as in the case of Toribio Hernández Arellano, the French and Jewish lines were one and the same. In the case of my Reynoso ancestry we find an ancestral line that links to the royal family of France. My father’s dna shows he is 30% French while my mothers dna shows 14% French.

The article also states that many of the first settlers came from Sevilla. There were many Italians in Sevilla in the 15th century which helps account for my mothers dna showing 18% Italian. My dad’s dna only shows 3% Italian. All four of my grandparents descend from the founding families of Los Altos De Jalisco.

Here is the link:

Rick A. Ricci

I meant to write French soldiers in the 1860’s, not the 1900’s. These French soldiers left only a small mark in Mexico. My parents’ French ancestry comes from Pre 1600’s


I have read this article before and it has great information but how would we ever know if our ancestors were Jewish since they hid and changed their ways so people would not know. My mother in-laws co-worker is from somewhere in Los Altos but lives here in Arizona now. Her entire family that is still lives there are Jewish and still practice the religion.


That is very interesting, what are her lastnames?

I just asked my mother in-law and she said the last name is Ramirez. I will try to find out both last names and what ranch or town they live in. I guess her father would tell her never tell anyone years ago that they were Jewish because they were scared.

Thankyou, it is amazing that they were able to keep their religious faith in secret for so many years!

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