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By marykusko2 - Posted on 29 April 2019

I am searching for my grandmother Leandra Castaneda She was born on February 27 1890 in Zacatecas, Mexico. She was married to Rito Gonzalez.

Thank You

Dear Mary,

On a previous post I gave you the answer. I will post it again.

I believe that Leandra Castañeda is the same person known as María Leandra Losano Castañeda,. The location, place and time all fit. So her father’s surname is Losano and her mother’s surname is Castañeda.

Leandra Castañeda was born about the 26th or 27th Feb/1871 in Zacatecas. You can comb the records in Zacatecas around this birth date and look for baptismal and birth records to get information on her parents and grandparents.

Rick A A. Ricci

Hi Mary,

I have an Ancestry account and looked there and there's a family tree that for a Leandra Castaneda married to a Rito Gonzalez. They have her parents as Rodrigo Castaneda and Leonides Romo. It is Ancestry so I'm not sure how accurate it is, but they have actual pictures of her and Rito Gonzalez so they may have more knowledge than others.


Dear Mary and Paige,

Rodrigo Castañeda and Leonidas Romo are the parents of a Leandra Castaneda. But there are many issues with this Leandra. She was baptized on 14/Mar/1886 in Aguascalientes

The Leandra Castaneda that you are looking for is from Zacatecas, and from the same town as María Leandra Losano Castaneda.


I did get your pervious answer but the birthday does not match my grandmothers she was born in 1890. I do not think this is my grandmother.
Thank You.

I have researched this Leandra Castaneda but she was baptized in 1885 my grandmother was born in 1890. The entry in Ancestry was entered by my sister but I do not believe it is my grandmother to many contradictions.

Thank You

I did find Maria Leandra Losano Castaneda but she died at a young age.
Thank You

The account on Ancestry is my sisters and she has connected these people as my grandmothers parents. I am in doubt because this Leandra was baptized in 1885 and was born in Aguascaliente. My grandmother was born in 1890 in Zacatecas Mexico.
Thank You

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