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El Posito Arandas?

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By cherna - Posted on 26 April 2019

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some research on my Hernandez (paternal) bloodline. I've come across records for siblings to my GGrandfather that were baptized in Arandas, born in "El Posito". Is/was this a Rancho?

My GGrandfather was born in Piedras Blancas, so how far is/was "El Posito" from there?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


I was going through the padrones for 1831 for Arandas and I just saw those two ranches.

Here is a list of ranches and town in Arandas, I see Piedras Blancas as well as two El Pocito de Abajo and El Pocito de Arriba.

Use this map and you will see both ranches el pocito de arriba and piedras blancas.

Hi Esther,

Thank you very much! I think the spelling in the record was throwing me off.

The map you linked is a tremendous help. Thank you for this. My guess is that it is "El Pocito de Arriba" - due to a few facts. It is very close to Piedras Blancas. I have found other siblings to my GGrandfather born in "El Zapote", which is also nearby. When I asked my Grandfather where his father was born, he said he wasn't 100% sure, but he thinks near "La Rana" or "Hacienda de Guadalupe".

Thank you again!

My pleasure and glad I could help.

My great-grandfather Antonio Hernández Morales was born in 1893 in "El Pocito", which in the previous two centuries had been called in its entirety "El Pocito de la Virgen". I have never heard of El Pocito de Abajo nor El Pocito de Arriba...NEVER!!! These must be very recent creations, not historical.

El Pocito de la Virgen refers to the Capilla del Pocito, one of the 6 churches located en el Cerro del Tepeyac, en la villa de Guadalupe, the site of the Insigne y Nacional Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe del Tepeyac, en la Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal.

My great-great-grandfather Juan Hernández Alvarez born in 1862 was also born in El Pocito de la Virgen, as were several other close relatives. Siblings of my Hernández, Morales, and Vital ancestors were also born in El Pocito de la Virgen. My great-great-great-grandfather Teodoro Morales died in El Pocito de la Virgen in 1898. His wife, my great-great-great-grandmother Juana Vital Gutiérrez, died in 1913 in the exact same place, El Pocito, but by 1913 it was already renamed Santa Maria de la Paz / del Valle.

The name of Rancho (o Puesto) de "El Pocito de la Virgen" was shortened to El Pocito, and is located between the plazas de Arandas y San Miguel el Alto. Ahora ya no se llama El Pocito. In the early 20th century it was renamed Santa Maria de la Paz, which was then changed to Santa Maria del Valle. It is located north of the Crucero de Arandas (on the right), before you arrive in San Miguel el Alto.

Acta bautismal de María Delfina Morales Vital - 5 de noviembre de 1884, Arandas, Jalisco

(Ella nació en el Pocito de la Virgen - fue hermana de mi tatarabuela Ma. Cruz Morales Vital)

Fuente: "México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 16 February 2017), Arandas > Santa María de Guadalupe > Bautismos de hijos legítimos 1884-1886 > image 50 of 370; parroquias Católicas, Jalisco (Catholic Church parishes, Jalisco).


I'm pleasantly surprised you showed up in my thread. The amount of information and knowledge you have is staggering. Thank you for sharing.

Is it possible you and I are related? My great-grandfather Sabino Hernández Gonzales was born in 1863 in Piedras Blancas, which is very close to Santa Maria del Valle. His Father, was Mateo Hernandez "Originario y vecino del Saucito".

"México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 28 June 2014), San Miguel el Alto > San Miguel el Alto > Matrimonios 1852-1870 > image 45 of 516; parroquias Católicas, Jalisco (Catholic Church parishes, Jalisco).

Thank you,



I've come to realize that this is NOT my family line. One bit of information I got from my Grandfather - regarding my Great-Grandfather's age turned out to be false. I found [correct] records for my Great-Grandfather and his family, with facts and names that out-weigh the previous family line I was researching.

Although, research can be a bit frustrating, I learned my lesson regarding the importance of fact checking.

Saludos primos,


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