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Looking for Reyes, Jaquez and Garcias

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By Ceciarco99119911 - Posted on 24 April 2019

Hello, my name is Cecilia Reyes and I am somewhat new to genealogy I have been researching my dads side of the family which mostly came from Chalchihuites and Sombrerete Zac. I have also come across names of other locations (ranches) while researching. My grandfather's Ranch was called Chupaderos. He was also said to have the first car in his town.However I have hit a brick wall with locating information before 1700's. I have taken a DNA test on ancestry and 23 and me and am looking for more family to connect the dots.Thank you

Who are the people that you're actually stuck on?


Hi Paige I am currently stuck on Gorgino Garcia on my grandmothers side. There are 3 different Gorginos with different parents. Most likely from Sombrerete but I'm not absolutely sure on that. I have been able to very 1 son Agapito Garcia

Please provide more information to help identify the correct Gorgino Garcia.

Who is he married to?

Names of his children.?

Any other information or records that may provide clues?



Any information would be helpful! So I have it narrowed down to 3 Gorgonios with a son Agapito. All married to a woman named Guadalupe I have written down only the information I can prove but another possible son is Ladislao Garcia. I just dont know which set of grandparents he would be under.
Gorgino Garcia#1 Nacio Septiembre, 1835 an Nayarit
Padres: Maurico Garcia y Justa Rufina Palmas.Nayarit
abuelos paternos: Julio Garcia y Ma. Ynes
Angeles ma ternos: Gregorio Palmas y Ma. Paderes
Hermanos: Jose de Los Santos Garcia- baptismo November 2, 1831 en Tepic Nayarit.
Hijos: Agapito Garcia
Gorgino #2 nacio en 1824 o 1829 esposa Guadalupe Cardinas nacio en 1830 casaron January 15 1846 en Sombrerete
Padres: Jose Feliciano Garcia y Maria Telefora Pacheco fallecieron antes de 1874
Padres de Guadalupe: Marcos Cardenas y Estefana Fernandez
Hijos: Micaela Garcia nacio September 22 1863 en Sombrerete (Padres Gregorio Garcia y Guadalupe Cardenas abuelos: los mismos)
Agapito Garcia
Caso con Ascencio Quintero July 14th 1883 en Chalchihuites
Esposa segunda casados 29, Enero 1874 Valentina Najar Nacio nacio 1842 viuda de "Jose" hija natural de Maria Agapito
Hijos: Maria/Marta Garcia nacio 29, Julio 1875 fallecio June 17 1876 toz ferrina
Gorgonio #3 Nacio en 1835 Fallecio October 8 1915 en Ciudad Juarez. De hemmoragia cerebral.
Padres: Margarito Garcia
Josefa N de Garcia

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