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Slavery in Tlaltenango

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By chenlong17 - Posted on 09 April 2019

I recently came across this Baptism entry in which the child is mentioned to be slave of Balthazar Correa.

-En la yga. de Tepichitlan en dose de dho mes y ano baptize y puse lo SS. Oleos y Chrisma a Jsea Rozalia, esclava de Dn. Balthazar Correa de nueve dias hija de Manuela, fue su Mna. Ju Gertrudis Segura y le adverti su oblig.n y parentesco y lo firme (firma ilegible)-

Does anyone know of other cases of slavery in Tlaltenango, Atolinga or in the region?

Depending upon what year it was corresponding to the record you submitted, the Balthazar Correa who is named might very well be my Grandmother's first husband's Great Great Grandfather whose name was Miguel Castañeda Correa. Balthazar de los Reyes Correa was married to Maria Magdalena de Avila in Tlaltenango in 1737. I made the following note taken from a baptism where they are referred to as a couple: "Don Baltazar Correa and his wife Doña Maria Magdalena de Avila are named in the baptism of their grandson Lugardo Gonzalez Correa in Tapias, Zacatecas, close to Atolinga, Zacatecas" . Regardless if this is the same Balthazar Correa, slavery as unfortunate as it may be was not uncommon in the region. You'll find many of us share ancestors in the Tlaltenango region who were slaveowners. And you'll also find many who will trace their roots to slaves and thus are part of our heritage.

Other references to slaves are found in many of the older Tlaltenango census lists as well.

It was in 1755. I do believe it is the same Balthazar you mention who is also my ancestor. Do you know which other families owned slaves?

As I mentioned there are several of us that I am aware from this region whose descendants owned slaves, my own included. And I have at least one descendant who was identified as a free slave leading to Tlaltenango from Guadalajara in about the year 1700. May I say my reply to your question regarding the existence of slavery in this region was to inform that the practice was a historical reality. I also realize many, especially those new to genealogy of relatives in Mexico are not aware that slavery existed there.

I am hoping you understand that providing information I have to identify families who owned slaves in my opinion would serve no good purpose and whose motives could easily and understandably be misinterpreted.

Respectfully submitted

In general, from my own experience reading through the Tlaltenango films, I've seen far more people classified as mulatos libres than esclavos. But they do exist.

Hola a todos:

En el blog "historias y recuerdos de Encarnación" del Arq. Rodolfo Hernéndez hay un capítulo sobre los esclavos en la zona y en dicho artículo se cita el trabajo de los investigadores que han recopilado las listas y lugares en donde hubieron esclavos, como Celina Guadalupe Becerra.



Thank you so much for this blog, it was a great blog for historical information. A lot of my ancestors on my mothers side are named in this blog and I had no clue until I read it. Is this a blog only or was this printed into a book as well? I would love to read more about Los Altos Jalisco, do you know if there are books or blogs with this information? I notice mention of “el rancho viejo” in the blog and on my fathers side, my 5x great grandfather was from there Rafael Hernández Montes but he was a mulato and was married to María Josefa Hernández Mesa mulata of Tarimoro. On my fathers side a lot of my ancestors were from Tarimoro and I know there was an hacienda there but can’t find much information about the hacienda and the owners.

Thank you,

I sincerely believe that not providing information to identify families who owned slaves in the region is worst than identifying them.

We need to come to terms with our past even if that involves slavery. Slaves were people who found themselves de humanized as property, burying that in the past will only make the injustice greater.

i agree. i always identify slave owning families and post the information on my tree whether i'm related to them or not. knowing who the slave owning families are helps others in their search for ancestors. there's no logical reason for not providing the information.


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