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Monja, Maria Nicolasa Aceves Lomeli

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By Jellybin1 - Posted on 26 March 2019

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is even possible but I was wondering if anyone would know how I could find out more information about a Grand Aunt/Great Aunt. Her name is/was Maria Nicolasa Aceves Lomeli. She was a Nun. She used to write letters to my older sister when we were little. They had a difference of opinions and stopped writing to each other. I would like to know if anyone can help finding more information on her and my Great grandmother (Aurelia Lomeli: last known address for her was Calle 10A-1871 Col. Ferrocarril S.R. Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 44440)
Last known address for Maria Nicolasa was Instituto Cabanas Mariano Otero 2145 Plaza del Sol Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 45050

Thank you for your time and help in this matter!

Nancy Lopez

I wanted to share my DNA results with you just because of one area that caught my attention.
Basque, I had never heard of this place until I got my results back and then I saw it somewhere on one of your discussions.

Ethnicity Estimate Updates
Native American—North, Central, South 43%
Northeastern Mexico
Eastern Coahuila & Northern Nuevo Leon
Northeastern Mexico & South Texas
Spain 22%
France 14%
Portugal 12%
Italy 3%
Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu Peoples 2%
Basque 1%
Sweden 1%
Mali 1%
European Jewish 1%

Dear Nancy,
I am related to you many, many times. The closest relationship that I have found is that we are sixth cousins repeatedly through your Barba ancestry. I am not listing your Barba ancestry here as it would take too long to post the ancestry of your grandfather Rafael Barba. I can send you Rafael BARBA’s ancestry through the regular mail.

Here is more information on your Aceves ancestry:

1) Esther Aceves is the daughter of Pedro Aceves and Aurelia Lomeli

2) Pedro Aceves (bap. 2/July/1899) is the son of Calixto Aceves and Juana Morales (daughter of Liberato Morales and Ma.Estanislao Valdivia).

3) Calixto Aceves is the son of José Thoribio Aceves and María Estefana Fernandez (daughter of José Reyes Fernandez and Nieves Navarro).

4) José Thoribio Aceves (bap. 2/May/1824) is the son of Jesus Aceves and María Antonia Hermosillo ( daughter of Ysidro Hermosillo and Josefa Martin.) (Josefa Martin is the daughter of Francisco Martin del Campo and Maria Teresa Valencia)

5) Jesus Aceves is the son of Francisco Xavier Aceves and Josefa ( SanJose)Barajas.

6) Francisco Xabier Aceves married to Josefa ( SanJose) Barajas


José Thoribio Aceves’s maternal grandmother, Josefa Martin, is also related to me.

Josefa is the daughter of Francisco Martin del Campo and María Teresa Valencia.

Francisco Martin del Campo is the son of Estefania Martin del Campo and an unknown father

Your ancestor María Teresa Valencia has a sister, Maria Rita Valencia, who is my ancestor.

Maria Rita Valencia is married to Joseph Domingo Estrada. (My ancestors)

Maria Teresa Valencia and Maria Rita Valencia are the daughters of Lorenzo Valencia and Juana Gertrudis Maldonado (aka Gonzalez) (daughter of Antonio Gonzalez and Petronila 'Petra' Gutierrez-Maldonado

Lorenzo Valencia and Juana Gertrudis 'Petra' Maldonado are married in Ocotlan, Jalisco on 10/Dec/1736

Lorenzo's parents are Nicolas Valencia and Josepha Martinez

Rick A. Ricci

Good Morning Cousin,

That is awesome news!Everything that you have given me here I have passed on to my sisters and they are just as fascinated as I am.
And if you can email me that info, I would greatly appreciate it.
Do you need my email address?

Hi Nancy,

The more that I look at your ancestors, the more ancestors we have in common, so we are indeed cousins. I previously wrote that Francisco Martin del Campo was the son of an unknown father and María Estephania Martin del Campo. The father is no longer unknown. I discovered that his father’s surname is Medina. I don’t know Francisco’s father’s first name.

You also descend from Toribio Hernández Arellano and Isabel Mendoza. For more information of his ancestry, take a look at what I posted on the “probable ancestry of Toribio Hernández Arellano”.This ancestry adds to your French and Basque ancestry that you were curious about.

Yes, I need your email address to send you more information and a picture of your great aunt María Nicolasa Aceves Lomelin.

Rick A. Ricci

My email address is
Thank you once again!

Dear Nancy,

I took a look at the tree you have on file. Then I looked up the source on Aniceta Barba’s mother, María Guadalupe Camarena . There Is faulty information in the record even though it is a primary source. Primary sources sometimes contain mistakes. María Guadalupe Camarena’s father is not named Abundio Camarena. I did more investigating and found her baptismal record which provides the correct parents.

1) María Guadalupe Camarena (bap. 16/Oct/1861 in Arandas, Jalisco) is the daughter of Abundio Vasquez and María Ladislao Camarena

2) Abundio Vasquez is the son of Juan Nepomuceno Vasquez y Yniguez and María Prudencia Plasencia y Aramburo.

3) Juan Nepomuceno Vasquez (bap. 3/July/1804, Atotonilco, Jalisco) is the son of José Leon Vasquez and María De Jesus Yniguez

4) Joséph Leon Vasquez(bap 19/Apr/1750, Ayotlan, Jalisco) is the son of Ramon Vasquez and María Magdalena Perez

5) Ramon Vasquez and María Magdalena Perez


María Ladislao Camarena (bap. 5/July/1840, Arandas ) is the daughter of Ygnacio Camarena and María de los Dolores Canchola

Ygnacio Camarena is the son of Francisco Camarena and Maria Guadalupe Mendez


María Dolores Canchola is the daughter of Francisco Canchola and María Gertrudis Margarita Fuentes

Francisco Canchola is the son of Jose Felipe Canchola and Ana María Rodriguez


María Margarita Fuentes is the daughter of Bernardino Fuentes and Mariana


María de Jesús Yniguez is the daughter of Pedro Yniguez and María Nicolasa Romero


María Prudencia Plasencia is the daughter of José Florencio “Felis” Plasencia and María Aramburo (Arambula)


There are other mistakes in your file. My book, Mygenes2000, is not published yet, but you could correct many of those mistakes by looking at postings here in My posting on “Christobal Villaseñor” is an example of a posting that you can gather much information from for your family tree :

Rick A. Ricci
Source: Mygenes2000

Thank you for that.
One question, "Why would she have Camarena as her last name and not Vasquez?
I will definitely look for your other postings.
And as always, thank you so much for your help!

In the study of genealogy i have often found instances where the person takes the surname of the mother instead of the father. Sometimes you will find instances where they take the surname of a grandparent, or greatgrandparent, instead of a parent. This happened often in the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds in Nueva Galicia.

I forgot to add that José Feliciano “Felis” or “Felix” Plasencia” had “José Feliciano. Plasencia Alias Fierro” in a record.

José Feliciano Plasencia Alias Fierro is the son of Francisco Plasencia and Madalena Fierro

María Maxima Arambula (bap 8/July/1792) is the daughter of Juan José González de Arambula and María Petra Lucia Lopez De Elizalde

José Feliciano Plasencia Alias Fierro and María Maxima Arambula were married 9/Nov/1809 in Tepatitlan. Jalisco

Another ancestor of yours who also used multiple surnames is María Quiteriia Orosco (aka Losa, aka Ramirez). Quiteria was married to Bernardo Regalado.

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

Good Morning Cousin,

I have printed a lot of your discussions and I will try to review them and use them as notes.
Thank you for all of your help.

Hello Rick,

I have been quite busy and haven't given you my email address for you to send more info and a picture of my great aunt.
My email is

Once again, thank you so much for all your help.
I truly do appreciate you!

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