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Monja, Maria Nicolasa Aceves Lomeli

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By Jellybin1 - Posted on 26 March 2019

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is even possible but I was wondering if anyone would know how I could find out more information about a Grand Aunt/Great Aunt. Her name is/was Maria Nicolasa Aceves Lomeli. She was a Nun. She used to write letters to my older sister when we were little. They had a difference of opinions and stopped writing to each other. I would like to know if anyone can help finding more information on her and my Great grandmother (Aurelia Lomeli: last known address for her was Calle 10A-1871 Col. Ferrocarril S.R. Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 44440)
Last known address for Maria Nicolasa was Instituto Cabanas Mariano Otero 2145 Plaza del Sol Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 45050

Thank you for your time and help in this matter!

Nancy Lopez

Hi Nancy,

I would need more information to positively identify your grandmother Aurelia Lomeli. Is her second surname Carranza? Do you have a birthdate or any other information that would help indentify her? The church would have information on your great aunt that was a nun.

Good luck in your research,
Rick A. Ricci

Hello Rick,

My Great Grandmother's Birthday was April 17, 1903. Her parents names were Antonio Lomeli and Refugio Rodrigues.

And on my great aunt, what church should I look into?

Thank you for your help.

Hello Nancy,

1) Aurelia Lomeli (b. 17/Apr/1903) is the daughter of Jose Antonio Lomeli and Refugio Rodrigues.

2) Jose Antonio Lomeli is the son of Tomas Lomeli and María Sostenes Lupercio

3) Tomas Lomeli is the son of Prudencio Lomeli and Tomasa Vasquez

4) Prudencio Lomeli is the son of Juan Lomeli and Rosalia Huerta

5) Juan Lomeli is the son of José Gabriel Lomeli and Mariana Ygnacia Gertrudis Gutierrez

6) José Gabriel Lomeli is the son of Vicente Ferrer Lomeli and Ysabel Rodriguez De Frias

7) Vicente Ferrer Lomeli is the son of Antonio Lomelin and Petrona Alvarez Tostado

8) Antonio Lomeli is the son of Gabriel Lomeli and Melchora De los Reyes Delgadillo

9) Gabriel Lomeli is the son of Domingo Lomelin and Juana Regina de Mendoza

10) Carlos Lomelin (aka Carlo Lomellini) and María Benavides Cortes


María del Refugio Rodriguez y Diaz ( bap. on 26/May/1872) is the daughter of Rodrigo Rodríguez and Teodora Diaz

Rodrigo Rodríguez is the son of Petronilo Rodriguez and María Dionicia. González

Petronilo is the son of Miguel Rodriguez and Juana María Arambula


María Dionicia González is the daughter of Pablo Gonzalez and Ma. Candelaria Yañez


Teodora Díaz is the daughter of Bruno Diaz and Cirila Avila


Tomasa Vasquez is the son of Teodocio Vasquez and María Apolonia Figueroa

Teodocio Vasquez is the son of Joseph Silvino Vasquez and María Nestora Rodriguez


María Apolonia Figueroa is the daughter of Miguel Figueroa and María Rita Landeros

María Sostenes is the daughter of Onofre Lupercio and Nemecia Torres


I do have some more info to add,
Rick A. Ricci

WOW!!! That is a lot of information.
Where did you find all of that?
This info would have taken me months if not years to find.

I appreciate you so much!!!

Hi Nancy,

Here is some more information on some of your ancestors:

Teodora Díaz is the daughter of Bruno Diaz and Cirila Avila

Bruno Diaz is the son of Joaquin Diaz and María Apolinaria Regalado

Juaquin Diaz is the son of Francisco Diaz and Josefa Lara

María Apolinaria Regalado is the daughter of Carlos Regalado and Lugarda Vasquez

Carlos Regalado is the son of Thomas Regalado and María Alexandra Cortes

Lugarda Vasquez is the daughter of José Vasquez and María Dolores Gómez Franco

Cirila Avila (Aguila) is the daughter of José Carmen De Avila (?Aguila)and María De los Santos Sanchez

José Carmen Aguila is the son of Victorio Aguila and María Manuela Espinosa

María De los Santos Sánchez is daughter of Faustino Sanchez and Teresa Maldonado

Rick A. Ricci

That's awesome!!

Can I ask where you found all of this?

Thank you!!!

Hi Nancy,

All of this information that I posted here on your great grandmother’s ancestry came from baptismal or marriage records. Here is a little more information on some of yourancestors:

Thomas Regalado (bap. 12/Dec/1731) is the son of Bernardo Regalado and María Quiteriia Orosco (aka Losa, aka Ramirez). That María Quiteria used three different surnames may help in figuring out her ancestry.

Tomas was married to María Alejandra Cortez, (daughter of Nicolas Cortez and Gertrudis (?Romero) I am not sure about Gertrudis’s surname. Thomas had a second marriage to María Margarita Losa, but you descend from the first wife. A grandchild’s baptismal record erroneously names her as a grandmother but she was a step grandmother . Due to Thomas’s mother using the “Losa” surname often, I believe that there is a strong chance that his second wife is related to his mother.

I have much more info on some of the ancestors of some of the wives that I posted in your Lomeli line. I also previously posted info on the probable ancestral line of Carlo Lomellini. Some other genealogists have posted here in nuestrosranchos info on the ancestry of María Benavides.

Rick A. Ricci

Dear Nancy,

Was your great-grandmother married to Pedro Aceves? If Pedro Aceves was your great-grandfather, did you descend from Ester,Estefania, or María del Refugio?

Rick A. Ricci

Yes I do!!
Esther was my grandmother. She was married to Rafael Barba. We never met them, so we knew very little about that side of the family. Pedro's father was Calixto Aceves and Calixto's father was Toribio Aceves and Toribio's father was Jesus Aceves. That's as far as I have gotten there.

All of this information is very interesting to me. I actually just bumped into one of your topics on Carlo. Everything I was reading was very knowledgeable and interesting. I've always been the curious type so the more I find the more into it I get. And, did you finally published your book? If so, what is the name of it?
Thank you for helping me with this. I am forever grateful to you!

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