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Buenaventura Hernandez Martinez from Degollado, Jalisco looking for baptism reg.

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By Esther Hernande... - Posted on 11 March 2019


I have been searching for my great great grandfathers baptism reg. for the past year but come to a road block. Just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers how to find it. The only document I have is his marriage reg. and it says he is originario from Pueblo Nuevo, which was San Ignacio de los Encinos, which is now Degollado, Jalisco.

I have looked in the following municipals, Ayotlan, Arandas, Jesus Maria and Degollado but no luck. I found one in Hidalgo, Mx. for July 1852 but there is no way that is him because it's 3 states away and it says he was originario from above.

His parents were, Juan Hernandez and Maria Guadalupe Martinez, which are very common names. I have found documents for them but not 100% it is them and that is the reason I'm searching for his baptism reg. to confirm it's them. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Search for baptisms for Buenaventura's children. They typically name the children's grandparents in this time period. See if either grandparent used a different last name besides Hernandez and Martinez. This can help you narrow down couples for Buenaventura's parents and lead to other info and may help you narrow down your search.


Thank you, I did that already but the parents names never changed. I also looked up padrinos names that had the last name Hernandez because most of the time the padrinos were relatives but no luck.

Ok, I see familysearch gives nothing for this couple in Jalisco for the time of his birth. Also Degollado's records stop in the 1860's. So, next step I would say is narrow down Juan Hernandez's and Guadalupe Martinez's deaths and see if you can find the record. Hopefully that will give you their parents. Then search them in familysearch and see if you can narrow down a town.


Okay I'll try that next and thank you.

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