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By alicebb - Posted on 13 February 2019

Hello Group,
According to My 2grgrandfather Pablo Donate's informacion matrimonial, he was married in Asientos, but was from Agostadero. Where do I search for birth info?
Thanks so much,
Alice BB

Hi Alicia,

Depending on which Agostadero. I know there is one in the jurisdiction of Jalpa and the "main" one in the region is between Aguascalientes and Asientos, if I remember correctly. I hope this sheds some light!

Best Regards,

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Hi Alice,

Daniel is correct, there were various haciendas by that name. If your ancestor was married in Asientos, then he was likely from the Agostadero located nearby, and which today is known as Villa Garcia, Zacatecas. The main house is now the municipal palace. Historically, it was in the diocese of San Matias, Pinos, Zac, so that's probably where you want to steer your search.

Good luck!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thanks for your responses.
I knew that Villa Garcia didn't come about until 1860, and
was once a part of the Agostadero Hacienda. But there are
no Villa Garcia church records at all on Familysearch. Pablo Donate's son
Rosalio Onate is also unknown birthplace, however, Pablo Donate's
grandson, Luis Onate, was born in Villa Garcia 10/23/1885.

So, I was wondering the best place to search for Pablo and son
Rosalio. Well, San Matias, Pinos is worth investigating.

Thank you again,
Alice BB

Hi Alice,
I have ancestors that lived in Hacienda del Agostadera (today Villa Garcia) (1750-1850). I have found all of them in the church in Asientos, Aguascalientes. Definitely the records from el Agostadero was part of the jurisdiction of the church in Asientos, at least in the range that I have studied.
The ranches around El Agostadero were nevertheless included in San Matias, Pinos.
I hope this information helps


Thank you so much, it gives me another avenue to explore.
Would you be willing to share your ancestors surnames from Agostadero.
Mine are Onate or Donate, Candelas, Monrreal, Becerra, Esquivel, Encalado, Carranza, Lopez, Ortis, Gonzales, and Vega going back to about 1750 to present.
Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your response.
Alice BB

Hi Alice,
I can help you with your Becerra and your Candelas, I descend from both. Who are your earliest ancestors in both lines, who were they married to, and when did they live?
Un abrazo,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Terrific Manny, I appreciate it.
Sorry, I misspoke about the Becerras, but failed to mention Valderrama date to abt 1750.
The earliest Candela I have found is Jose Dolores Candelas about 1780? married to Ma Felipa Encalado 05/23/1812 in Asientos. Son: Victor Candelas about 1820? married Maria Luisa Esquivel 04/03/1845, Asientos. Daughter: Maria Petra Candelas about 1857? married Rosalio Donate 02/20/1875, Villa Garcia, my grgrandfather. Onate was my mother's maiden name.
What can you tell me about Domingo Becerra abt 1800, his marriage and children?
All input is appreciated. Muchisimas gracias.
Alice BB

Hola Alice,

“Candelas” is tricky surname, as far as the families who live in the curates of Pinos, Asientos and Cienega de Mata,Ojuelos. The name originated with Joseph Candelas, who married Petrona Ortiz Bernal, on 7 Feb 1701, in Pinos. They were servants on Agostadero. I say “tricky,” because in many cases, the name was passed down matrilineally. Plus, some descendants of the Bernal family also used “Candelas.”
I’ve got most of these families mapped-out through the 1700’s, but my research ends around 1800. These families were of mixed race, being either “españoles” or “mestizos.” There were Indian families who also used the Candelas name, but I don’t track them, since they don’t descend from Joseph and Petrona (they were likely “criados” of the Candelas, and adopted their surname).

That said, I found your Dolores Candelas and Felipa Encalado in the 1820 and 1822 padrones:
Candelas in 1820 Agostadero (right image)
Candelas 1822 Agostadero (right image)

Dolores was 43 in 1820 (ca 1777) and Felipa, 26 (ca 1794). Unfortunately, I’m not going to be much help to you, beyond this, because they were Indians. Indians can be more difficult to track, because surnames aren’t always listed on church records previous to 1800. Keep looking in Asientos, Pinos and Cienega de Mata. You might also want to check Ojocaliente in the 1800s. Several of these records aren’t indexed, so you might have to go through each individual roll of film.

I’m not sure which Domingo Becerra you’re looking for. There was one who married Ramona Chavez 1 Oct 1825, in Asientos. I don’t know who his children were (I seldom research the 1800s, unless they’re my direct ancestors), but he was son of Jose Antonio Becerra and his first wife, Maria Nestora Gonzalez; Jose Antonio was son of Hermenegildo Becerra cc Maria Matiana Micaela Bernal/es Duron; Hermenegildo was hijo natural of Anna Becerra de Aguilera and padre no conocido; I believe Anna Becerra was daughter of Margarita de Lira and her first husband, Gaspar de los Reyes Aguilera, but was raised by her second husband, Francisco Becerra, whose name she used (Francisco and Margarita are my g5’s). I don’t know Gaspar Aguilera’s ancestry.

I hope that helps!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Wow that was great information to read, love reading stuff like this.

Wow that was great information to read, love reading stuff like this.

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