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Alonso de Arevalo and Beatriz de Ayala

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By gusmeza - Posted on 11 February 2019

I’ve done some research of Alonso de Arevalo and Beatriz Lopez de Ayala who settled for a time in Colima. I've read several books referring to this couple. It lists the three children by this marriage as Pedro (Born abt. 1538), Gonzalo born abt.1540) and Diego (Born abt. 1541). One book even lists another son Francisco however his name does not come up again in any other accounts. These books with many articles provided much detail of about their lives in Colima but no information of the son Gonzalo’s marriage. Pedro who it appears did not marry was the oldest and along with a half-brother inherited most of his parent’s estate. According to written accounts when Pedro died he left no heirs.

So my question is how does this Gonzalo Lopez de Ayala directly link to the Pedro Ortiz de San Pedro and Maria Esquivel couple?

I’ve poured over the valuable information many of our group has contributed to revealing and linking the Arevalo and Lopez de Ayala family to Pedro Ortiz de San Pedro and Maria Esquivel. However I would appreciate any assistance to reconcile my understanding of the descendancy of this couple especially as it relates to a forum post, dated back on 07/22/2010.

Therein it was stated: Pedro Ortiz de San Pedro was the son of Juan Ortiz de San Pedro (Native of Toledo) and Catalina Lopez de Ayala. Pedro married Maria Esquivel and had daughter Cecilia Lopez who married first Hernando de Haro followed by Felipe Dias de Santiago. This post also mentions another Gonzalo Lopez de Ayala the “Maestre de Campo” for Nuño Beltran de Guzman who in 1529 initiated a campaign in the areas of Colima, Tepic, Jalisco, Michoacan etc. The same post lists Pedro’s brothers respectively as Gonzalo (el Mozo) and Jeronimo Ortiz de San Pedro.

It’s my assumption neither of the Gonzalo’s mentioned here is the son of Alonso Arevalo and Beatriz Lopez de Ayala based on the timeframe of Gonzalo de Lopez’s participation as Maestre de Campo.

Additionally I’ve reviewed a document “Relación de la Entrada de Nuño de Guzman” authored in 1529 by de Guzman’s appointed scribe and interpreter, Garcia del Pilar of this campaign. It mentions the Maestre de Campo, Gonzalo Lopez several times never using the de Ayala surname. This Relación also precludes the possibility the son named Gonzalo born to Alonso Arevalo and Beatriz Lopez de Ayala is the Gonzalo referred to a “Maestre de Campo” are one and the same.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gus Meza

Hola Agustine:

La historia de detallada de la vida de Beatriz la lei en un archivo PDF que puedes ver en línea llamado "Andariegos y Pobladores de Nueva España y Nueva Galicia" de Miguel Romero de Solís.

También hay una sección dedicada a su hijo Pedro de Arévalo quien fue su sucesor.
Los otros dos hijos de Beatriz: Gonzalo y Diego utilizaban el apellido López de Ayala en lugar del apellido paterno Arévalo.

Gonzalo murió antes que su madre.



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