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By superhorrible - Posted on 09 February 2019

I'm hoping that someone can help me. I was looking at some trees online and I found a tree with SANCHO DE RENTERIA family. This tree had attached some images from two Books, unfortunately without the names of the books. One of them looks like PROTOCOLOS, and the other one deaths in Guadalajara.
One book reads:
1627. Peticion de Sancho de Renteria Alcalde Mayor que fue del pueblo de Juchipila, para que certifique no haber muerto, durante el termino de su cargo, ninguna persona interesada, ni haberse dejado legados para Espana.- 3fs

Other book reads:
326 - 14 noviembre de 1661 - murio "Dona francisca de Renteria" - viuda de Francisco Rodriguez Ponze" - se enterro en la Catedral - testo ante "Diego perez de Ribera" Escribano Real y Publico - albaceas " franco (francisco) rs (Rodriguez)" Ponze su hijo y miguel de Renteria su hermano: - herederos "Don francisco Rodriguez ponze y dona catalina de renteria y ponse sus hijos".

I would appreciated any help



Hello Sus and Forum Members,

I am also investigating this family line and I wanted to ask you and others in this Forum if you have any luck finding additional information on Sancho de Rentería Married to Ángela de Velasco. I am trying to find evidence that Diego de Rentería y Mújica (married to Isabel Sarmiento), is the son of Sancho de Rentería and Ángela de Velasco. So far, I have found several references in family trees and publications on the internet where they show that this is the case, but none offer a source. If anyone in this group can share a source that shows that Diego de Rentería y Mújica (married to Isabel Sarmiento), is the son of Sancho de Rentería and Ángela de Velasco, I would really appreciate it. If you don't have the source but could point me in the right direction, that would be helpful as well.

I wanted to share a link, that may be useful to you Sus. It is regarding a "Limpieza de Sangre" for Juan de Rentería, the father of Sancho de Rentería. These "Limpiezas de Sangre" were basically genealogical studies whose purpose was to prove that the individual in question were pure "Old Christians" who didn't have recent Muslim or Jewish Ancestry. The link below, shows a reference to the book: "Aspirantes americanos a cargos del Santo Oficio: sus genealogías ascendentes. Fernández de Recas, Guillermo. 1956. Ed. Porrúa." In the bottom right hand corner of the page, you will see the entry for Juan de Rentería. It shows a brief description of the record. This reference points to the original record at the "Archivo General de la Nación," in México City. If you visited the ""Archivo General de la Nación" you can read the Limpieza de Sangre with the following info: Año de 1572, Tomo 65, Expediente 3.

Thank you all, and any information is greatly appreciated.

Luis Macías

Dear Luis,

I was wondering if you were able to find any documentation to link Diego with his supposed parents? I am also looking into some lines descending from him and would love to be able to verify if they are indeed his parents.

Thank in advance,



I'm sorry, I haven't made much progress on documentary evidence of Diego's parents. I hit a brick wall on this several months ago and was hoping this group could help. I am still hopeful someone in this group could help with some clues. For now, I'm still looking and if you are also looking, perhaps we can post weekly or monthly updates regularly, whether we have found anything or not. Would you like to share where you have searched so far or if you have any leads? I'd be happy to share my thoughts as well.

Respectful shout out to this group to see if anyone has any documentary evidence that the parents of Diego de Renteria Mujica were Angela de Velasco and Sancho de Rentería. Thank you all.


Hi all,

I just took another look at my file on Diego Rentería Mujica and I wrote a note that his parents are named in the meritos of the chantre Diego Flores de la Torre. I am not sure if I meant the one held at the Bancroft Special Collections at UCB or the one that was posted on another thread here, and available on PARES:

I can check back through my poor quality photos of the Bancroft version and see if that's where I saw it. I have a vague memory that it was in a section where Diego was listing his relatives toward the end of the meritos. However, this only solves the problem in part, given the possibility Diego could have been mistaken. But at any rate, it is a relatively good bet that they were his parents.

Hope this helps for now, but will post again when I find more.



Thank you so much for posting. This is a great lead as it helps confirm some of my prior research, but I hope you can still help clarify the mystery around the parents of Diego de Rentería. Would you please clarify where you found the parents of Diego Rentería Mujica, as I have not been able to find them. Let me explain. I have only been able to access the link you included (I have not been able to see the Bancroft Collection):

Reading the post I followed the Pares link:

Indiferente General/MERITOS: Diego Flores de la Torre
Fecha: 1674-7-16
Relación de méritos y servicios del bachiller Diego Flores de la Torre, arcediano de la catedral de Guadalajara, hijo del licenciado Diego Pérez de la Torre, gobernador y capitán general de Nueva Galicia, y de Ángela de Velasco.
Código de Referencia: ES.41091.AGI/23.15.195//INDIFERENTE,201,N.1

From the post, it seems genealogy starts on image 77 and from what I have been able to tell, there are three images of genealogy, Imges 77 thru 79. Image #78 Reads:

"El Señor Obispo Don Juan de Rentería Criollo de esta Ciudad tubo un hermano Sancho de Rentería. Este casó con Doña Ángela de Figueroa hermana del sobredicho Hernán Flores de la Torre y padre del Arecediano = Doña Francisca hija de Sancho de Rentería casó con el Rico minero aquel gran Hombre Don Francisco Rodriguez Ponze por donde es el parentesco con los flores = Diego FLores de la Torre hermano de sobredicho Hernan FLores casso con Doña Beatris de Anda Altamirano hija del dicho lisenciado Altamirano oydor que fue desa Real Audiencia..."

This information is relevant because it shows Sancho de Rentería married to Doña Ángela de Figueroa (Also known as Ángela de Velasco, just like her mother). It shows they had a Daughter named Francisca de Rentería who married Francisco Rodriguez Ponze. This information is great, as it confirms much of the information I have already found (Please see below for documentary references I have compiled over time). Unfortunately I have not found any references to Diego de Renteria Mujica, who would have been brother to this Francisca de Renteria (Married to Francisco Rodriguez Ponze). In the documentary references below it seems our Diego de Rentería had at least three siblings: Francisca de Rentería Sancho de Rentería and Miguel de Rentería.

As a comment, there are another two leads, but one of them has a mistake:

Lead #1 - Book "Fundadores de Nueva Galicia - Tomo I,by Guillermo Garmendia Leal, Page 95, it reads that a child of Angela Flores-Figueroa Married to Sancho de Rentería is: Diego de Rentería Married to Merenciana Arias. (Note: Merenciana is mispelled in this reference, should read Emerenciana)

Lead #2 - Book "Retoños de la España en la Nueva Galicia," Autor Mariano González‐Leal (ISBN:9688320013 9789688320013), Tomo VII, Página 17, it reads: "Don Diego de Rentería y Mújica y doña Isabel Sarmiento, casados en el Sagrario de Guadalajara el 27 de Agosto de 1619. Residieron en Guadalajara de Indias, Capital del Reino de la Nueva Galicia. Don Diego de Rentería y Mújica y su esposa doña Isabel Sarmiento fueron padres de Don Diego, casado en Guadalajara con doña Emerenciana Arias de Orozco, hija de don Juan Arias de Abella y Valadés y de doña María de Orozco. Fueron dueños de las haciendas de San Jacindo de la Barranca y Contitlán; la última, en jurisdicción de Juchipila, de la que eran propietarios en 1659..."

As you can see, there is disagreement between who the parents are of Diego de Renteria y Mujica (Married to Emerenciana Arias). That said Richard, would you please clarify where you found the parents of Diego Rentería Mujica, as I have not been able to find them.

** DOCUMENTARY REFERENCES (My findings written in spanish): **

- Acta Defunción de Francisca de Rentería (Casada Con Francisco Rodriguez Ponce). Parece que esta Francisca es precisamente hermana del "Diego de Rentería Mujica" de quien estamos buscando datos. En esta partida de defunción, se menciona que ella es hermana de "Miguel de Rentería," y por lo tanto también hermano de "Diego de Rentería Mujica." Se menciona también en esta partida l@s hij@s de dicha "Francisca de Rentería," los cuales son: "Catalina de Rentería y Ponce" y "Francisco Rodríguez Ponce." (Fuente:

- Testamento de Francisco Rodríguez Ponce (Hijo de Francisca de Rentería CC Francisco Rodríguez) - En esta fuenta, el Dicho Francisco Rodríguez Ponce (Hijo de Francisca de Rentería), menciona que su mamá es Doña Francisca de Rentería y que su tío es el Capitan Miguel de Rentería y Mujica (hermano de su madre). (Fuente:

- Libro: Ameca, protofundación mexicana: historia de la propiedad del valle de Ameca ... Autor: By Jesús Amaya Topete. - En este libro se establece que Francisca de Rentería y Mújica (Hermana de Miguel de Rentería y Mujica) casó con Francisco Rodriguez Ponce, el grande. También dice que este Miguel de Renteria y Mújica es tio materno de Francisco Rodriguez Ponce, el chico. (Fuente:

- Libro: Aspirantes americanos a cargos del Santo Oficio: sus genealogías ascendentes. Fernández de Recas, Guillermo. 1956. Ed. Porrúa - Muestra los padres de Sancho de Rentería Casado con Angela de Velasco. El padre de dicho Sancho de Rentería (Alcalde de Juchipila) CC Angela de Velasco, es Juan de Rentería Casado Con Elvira de Pereira. En 1572, dicho Juan de Rentería hizo "Información de la limpieza de sangre de la genealogía de Juan de Rentería y de Elvira de Pereyra su mujer, natural del Valle de Vaquio, Plascencia (El Valle de Bakio, Plentzia, Vizcay)". En esta "Información..." se menciona que su padre fue Juan González de la Rentería, nacido en el Valle de Bermeo. Su madre era María Ochoa de Villela. Abuelos: Juan Sánchez de la Rentería y Juana de Butrón. Elvira de Pereyra era hija de Diego de Rivera y María Ramos. (Fuente:

- Publicación: Desfaciendo entuertos: las hijas del conquistador Pedro Pacho, Autor: Francisco Javier Castaños y Cañedo - En la Página 325 aparece que Angela de Velasco, CC Sancho de Rentería, tuvieron una hija llamada Francisca de Rentería CC General Don Francisco Rodríuez Ponce. Dice al pie de página (página 326), "Sancho de Rentería, el Mozo"" nacido hacia 1560, era hermano de Don Juan, OBISPO DE CACERES, en Filipinas. (Dato del P. Treviño, S.J.). P. 330 de esta obra incluye algunas fuentes documentales. Quizás valga la pena seguir estas fuentes para ver si arrojan más pistas.

- Testamento de Doña Agueda del Rio y Loza, Paleografeado: Dicha Águeda del Ríoy Loza estaba Casada con el Capitán Sancho de Rentería, quien sería hijo del Alcalde Sancho de Rentería y Ángela de Velsco. Este testamento no aporta información acerca de la ascendencia de su esposo, pero si aporta información sobre su descendencia. Lamentablemente, aunque la información es importante, no es útil para lo que estoy intentando comprobar en cuanto al parentezco de Diego de Rentería y Mujica con sus padres Sancho de Rentería y Angela de Velasco. (

En resumen,

Sancho de Rentería y Mujica (El Alcande Mayor de Juchipila) Casado con Ángela de Velasco tuvieron los siguientes hijos:
1) Diego de Rentería (Es precisamente éste Diego del cual busco fuente documental que compruebe que es hijo de Sancho de Rentería y Ángela de Velasco)
2) Francisca de Rentería
3) Sancho de Rentería
4) Miguel de Rentería

Luis Macias

Saludos Luis,

Thank you so much for sharing all of these other leads!

First, I went back to my images from the Bancroft microfilm, which seems to have much of the same things from the meritos on PARES but perhaps a bit extra. For example, it has a section where Diego Flores de la Torre presents "Los Quatro Grados de Parientes de este Linaje". I am not sure if I am permitted to post my images according to the agreement I signed many years ago with Berkeley special collections in order to take these images, but if you email me at I will happily provide you with the three images that have the list of parientes.

The lists are very sparse and some inference is required to place descendants with their respective ancestors. Under tercer grado he lists simply "hijos de Sancho de Renteria", which is not incredibly helpful since it does not give their names. In the next generation - quarto grado - he lists "los hijos de la senora D. Catalina muger que fue de D. Pedro de Vidarte = y los hijos de D. Francisco Rodriguez Ponce y los hijos de D. Nicolas Sarmiento".

This is not definitive, but given that we know (as you posted) that Sancho de Renteria cc Angela de Velasco had a daughter Francisca cc Francisco Rodriguez Ponce. We also know, thanks that Francisco Rodriguez Ponce and Francisca Renteria had a son, Francisco Rodriguez Ponce, and a daughter Catalina married to Pedro Vidarte. We can thus assume that the D. Nicolas Sarmiento that follows in Diego Flores de la Torre's list was their cousin.

It seems likely to me that this Nicolas Sarmiento is the Nicolas baptized in Guadalajara in 1620, the son of Diego de Renteria and Isabel Sarmiento. If this is correct, this would place Diego as one of the unnamed "hijos de Sancho Renteria" in the tercer grado section. I think this may have been what I was referring to in my notes, though I see now it is not as definitive as we might like.

Also, some additional questions:

Do you know if Isabel Sarmiento Palomino cc Diego de Renteria in 1619 Guadalajara was married before? The marriage record does not state it, but I found an Isabel Sarmiento, viuda of Andres Arias Martinez Holguin, in the protocolos of Guadalajara in 1618 settling a dispute with her father-in-law over inheritance she was owed from her late husband.

This is interesting, given that it would provide yet another link for this family to the Arias de Abellas. It also suggests Juan Arias de Abella was not done with his shadiness when it came to inheritances...

Lastly, a Diego de Renteria Moxica vecino of Juchipila also shows up in the Guadalajara protocolos in 1654. This could be the one married to Isabel Sarmiento, though it might also be his proposed son. He signed his name:

I have some further questions about the Aspirantes source, but I will need to read up on my notes again. Do you happen to have a link readily available to the originals in the inquisition films on familysearch? Since the limpieza is for Juan de Renteria and not his son Sancho, what source do we have to connect them?

I hope this is helpful and thank you again for sharing your notes!



I wanted to respond today to let you know that I have read your response. Thank you too for your notes! I will be working on a more meaningful response to your questions this weekend, but for now I wanted to post a few comments:

1) Although I acknowledge some of this is inference, I also agree with you in that it is likely that the "D. Nicolas Sarmiento" that you say is mentioned in the "Los Quatro Grados de Parientes de este Linaje" of the "Meritos of Diego Flores" is indeed the same Nicolas baptized in Guadalajara in 1620 (son of Diego de Renteria and Isabel Sarmiento). This is likely given that his Mother "Isabel Sarmiento" bears his surname. Agreed this is not conclusive at this point, but man, that's pretty darn close! If I recall correctly, there is another Nicolás which would be of the same 4th Generation, but I don't believe he is associated with the Sarmientos. I will check my notes.

2) Regarding your question about Inquisition Links, I don't know if you were referring to any of them in particular but I can share these:

The Link above is the inquisition links available for México. If you scroll down to where the hyperlinks start, you will notice that the first three links are for Indexes. They are quite a bit of "Procesos" so the Indexes are vital. The rest of the Indexes are for the actual "Procesos Inquisitoriales."

The link above will take you the Proceso of Diego Flores, which is relevant to this discussion. In it, there is a reference to Sancho de Rentería, who testifies on his behalf. In this Proceso, Sancho de Rentería states that one of his Sons (Sancho de Rentería) is married to one of the Daughter's (Angela de Velasco) of Diego Flores

The link above is for the Limpieza de Sangre de Juan de Rentería, supposed father of Sancho de Rentería. I will look through my notes to see where I established the relationship between these two.

Thank you again Richard, and to all in this forum; please continue to contribute. If anything, this Forum Topic could serve to compile available sources for "Los Renterías."

Luis Macías

Con respecto a Sancho de Rentería, esposo que fue de Agueda del Rio, les anexo el testamento de la dicha Agueda.

For all those who have been looking for the paper that confirms that Sancho and Angela are the parents of the Sancho who married Agueda del Rio" and also of Diego de Rentería, here's this excerpt from the document in the Bancroft collection:

“Diego Flores y D. Angela tuvieron otra hija llamada Doña Angela, casó con Sancho de Renteria, criollo de las minas de Guachinango y hermano del ilustrísimo D. Juan de Rentería fue obispo de Caseres en Filipinas (…) Sancho de Renteria tuvo tres hijos. Sancho casó en el Fresnillo con D. Agueda del Rio tuvieron una hija Da. Angela casó con Juan del Campo de la Torre gente noble y principal. El otro hijo Diego de Rentería casó con Da. Emerenciana(?) hermana de Da. Isabel (...). Sancho de Renteria tuvo otro hijo Miguel (...)”

this is the part of her will written in 1655 that mentions her children and grandchildren

declaro que fui casada con el Capitán Sancho de Rentería, y
durante nuestro matrimonio tuvimos y procreamos por nuestros hijos a
doña Ángela del Río y Velasco, y a doña Josefa del Río y a Sancho de
Rentería. Y la dicha Josefa mi hija y Sancho, mi hijo, murieron en su
tierna edad. Y también declaró que yo casé a mi hija doña Ángela de
Velasco con el Capitán Juan del Campo y de la Torre, a la cual di y
entregue toda la parte que legitima que le pudor caber por herencia
paterna con muchos más bienes que yo tenía, destituyéndome de todo
para que lo gozase como bienes propios y dados con todo amor y
voluntad. Y del matrimonio de dichos mis hijos que son ya difuntos,
hubieron y procrearon por sus hijos legítimos a mis nietos doña
Juana de Velasco, a Manuel de la Torre y a Juan de la Torre, que hoy
están en mi poder(Foja: 1 vuelta) y compañía como mis nietos y como
mis menores como soy su tutora y curadora y declarolos por mis nietos
y herederos en toda la parte que les pueda caber del reman (remanente)
de mis bienes después de cumplida esta memoria, testamento y ultima
Last will and testament of Dona Agueda del Rio y Losa
Source: 169025 film sagrada mitra 1615-1670
Page 200 Familysearch online

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