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Abraham González Casavantes 1864-1913

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By Peredo - Posted on 08 February 2019

Hello again after some time!

This post is to ask for help especially to those who have studied the González de Hermosillo lastname.

In my notes I have this Abraham González Casavantes (Governor of Chihuahua, Mex. And Vicepresident of México) as a González de Hermosillo, descendant of my 7th grandparents Juan Antonio González de hermosillo and Gertrudis Gómez Rendón Álvarez Tostado.I have his line as follows:

Juan Antonio
Antonio Gervasio bap 24-jun-1725
José Joaquín
Paulino Gonzalez Morán cc Guadalupe Martínez de Mendívil
Abraham Gonzalez Mendívil cc Dolores Casavantes Domínguez
Abraham Gonzalez Casavantes.born in Guerrero, Chihuahua 1864

I guess I got that line from geneanet but there are no sources and I recently saw that in Wikipedia there's a small statement that claims that his father was from a small town in Santander, Spain, while I have that Paulino González Morán was born in Teocaltiche, Jal.

Has anyone done some research about it?


Hola primo,

As a matter of fact, a few years ago, I had contact with his great-grandson, Carlos Gonzalez Magallon, a retired Mexican diplomat, presently living in Guadalajara. This was through the Nueva Galicia DNA project at FTDNA. We haven’t had contact since, but I’ve seen him post at one of the genealogy groups on facebook. I just checked, he’s still on facebook. He can probably tell you what you need to know.
Un abrazo,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hola primo! Qué gusto saludarte!

Great information, thanks! I'll try to get in touch with Mr. González Magallón and see if he's our cousin too.

Thanks again.

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