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Zacatecas, ZAC: Información matrimonial

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By makas_nc - Posted on 01 February 2019

Is anyone out there researching the Información matrimonial films for Zacatecas, ZAC?

If so and if you just happen to come across any references to any Puente, Puentes, or Del La Puente can you let me know. The missing 160 years of Baptism films for this area has created a serious brick wall for me and any help would be appreciated.


Joseph Puentes

I'm on the same boat with the Gomez y Pena. I reviewed the PADRON DE ZACATECAS for 1671 and there isn't a single Puente. Nevertheless I will keep you in mind because I'm reviewing the films for informacion matrimoniales. If you come across any Gomez y Pena please let me know



I have continued to create records for any puente I find in the images as I am still searching for the marriage record of my ancester gertrudes de la Puente. I have found that the starting point for many de la Puentes is Venado, San Luis Potosi and there are others scattered throughout San Luis Potosi, like Charcas, Matehuala and San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi. I will let you know if I find anything on your ancestors.

I have one line of Puentes that I traced from Jalisco back to San Luis Potosi (Venado and Charcas) to about the mid 1600's. The oldest couple I've found are Diego de la Puente and Catalina Lopez. The first child of this couple I found is Ysabel de la Puente, baptized 23 Jan 1683 in San Sebastian Venado, San Luis Potosi.

i've only indexed a small number of Información matrimonios documents from the city of zacatecas, and some of them i worked on are incomplete

Hi Kathy,
Thank you so much for the information that you shared. I will review what you have


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