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Maternal Grandparents

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By marykusko2 - Posted on 26 January 2019

I am searching for my grandfather Rito Gonzales or(Gonzalez) born in vetagrande Zacatecas Mexico. Mother Tomasa Ramirez, father may be Antonio Gonzalez. Possible brothers Enrique and Marcos.

Also searching for my grandmother Leandra Castaneda. Mothers name may be Cecilia I don't know the maiden name. She was born in vetagrande Zacatecas Mexico. Unable to find any information on either grandparent. Can anyone help.

You should start by gathering baptismal and birth records of your mother. This should provide more information on your grandparents to facilitate the search.

You should also collect records of your mother’s relatives.

The parents of Antonio Gonzalez are Asencion Gonzalez and Innocencia Murillo.

The parents of Tomasa Ramirez are José María Valeriano Ramirez and María Hilaría (Ylaria) Herrera.

The parents of José María Valeriano Ramirez are Jacinto Ramirez and María Trinidad Villa.

The parents of María Hilaría Herrera are José Alvino (Albino) Herrera and María Catarina Jaramillo

Leandra Castañeda was born about the 26th or 27th Feb/1871 in Zacatecas. You can comb the records in Zacatecas around this birth date and look for baptismal and birth records to get information on her parents and grandparents. I believe that Leandra Castañeda may actually be the same person known as María Leandra Losano Castañeda, but I’m not sure.

I believe that Ynocencia Murillo is the same person as María Ynocensia daughter of Jose Gregorio Murillo Solis and María Antonia Medina Ortiz, high probability, but am not sure.

I do have a couple of threads on some of these people, but it will take time.

Good luck in your research,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you for your information. I have not been able to find a birth certificate for my mother Carmen Gonzalez. She was born in Corona CA. The records office in Riverside was unable to fine any information on her. I will keep searching and will post if I find any new information on my grandparents.


Here are a few more of your ancestors:

José Albino is the son of Jose Antonio Herrera and Luciana Aquino or Aguero.
María Catarina Jaramillo is the daughter of Timoteo Jaramillo and Maria Blasa Praxedis Saucedo

Ick A Ricci

I do have some of these ancestors in my tree. The person I am trying to connect to my grandfather is his brother Marcos Gonzales born 1901 in Mexico and died in 1974. There seems to be no record of him in the family of Antonio Gonzales and Tomasa Ramirez. I found at least 5 sibling's but no Marcos. I was in contact with his daughter but she didn't know much of the family and sadly she pasted away this past November. I have researched him but find no birth or baptismal records for him. My hope is if I can find his records I can find more ancestors on my grandfathers side. I have had no luck finding birth or baptismal records for my grandmother Leandra Castaneda. Still searching. Thank You

I believe that Leandra Castañeda may actually be the same person known as María Leandra Losano Castañeda, but I’m not sure. The location, place and time all fit. So her father’s surname is Losano and her mother’s surname is Castañeda.

Rick A A. Ricci

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