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Translation of " Cuarto " in an Address.. Aguascalientes

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By serna_david - Posted on 12 January 2019

Hola amigos, i have seen in records describing the home address of a Person i read as the following. ... Con domocilio en la cuarta de Guadalupe numero 288 ..
What does the Phrase La Cuarta mean.. the Street the quarter.. ? Thanks David

I have learned streets did not carry the numerical address from one block to the next block. That is a street whose last address was 100 did not number the next home one next block 101..
Instead the numbers of the next block began at 1.
For this reason if the street was named Juarez house No. 25. In the 2nd block. ...the address would be segundo de Juarez No. 25 ( The 2nd block of Calle Juarez No. 25.)

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