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AGUASCALIENTES: Protocolos 1607-1608

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 10 January 2019

Hola prim@s,

These are the protocolos of Domingo Hernandez Cordero, escribano nombrado of Aguascalientes. I think Jaime Holcombe mentioned these in his Cartas. At the time, Geronimo de Aguayo was Alcalde Mayor, and Juan Lopez de Lizardi was Alcalde Ordinario. Here are a few entries and my notes.
Manny Diez Hermosillo

On 11 Aug 1607, Juan Garcia de Santa Ana remitted his testamento. I post this here, as a continuation of the denuncia against him, that I posted here at NR. Witnesses present were Padre Tomas Ruiz and Pedro Fernandez de Valdus. From what I can tell, Juan Garcia and his wife, Francisca de Castro, had no children, which is why we’ve never heard of them in genealogy circles.

Note: Padre Tomas Ruiz used to be the vicar of Villa de Lagos, back in the 1580-1590s; he was the one who brought accusations against his predecessor, Padre Alonso Lopez de Espinar, which I posted in another thread in this forum. He was also accused of “solicitante.” It appears he never left Los Altos.

On 11 Aug 1607, Gabriel Sanchez and his wife, Isabel Sanchez de Lara, residents of Aguascalientes, sold to Maria de Frias, widow of Pedro Gonzalez, a house, for 500 pesos. The house was located along the camino real, going towards Zacatecas, and included 2 parcels: one alongside, and the other nearby, used for cultivating wheat. Interestingly enough, though Isabel Sanchez couldn’t sign her name, when a witness in the process against Padre Alonso Lopez, some 15 years before, she was able to sign her name here!

On 13 Sep 1607, Juan Lopez de Lizardi (or Lizaldi - looks like an “r” in his signature. Anyone?), alcalde ordinario of Aguascalientes, sold the house in which he then lived, to Pedro Fernandez de Baldus, resident of Aguascalientes. The house, or houses, because apparently, there was more than one, were next to the lots owned by Nicolas Ramirez (my ancestor, twice). At the same time, he also sold Fernandez an estancia de ganado menor (sheep and goats), with its cavallerias de tierra (pastures), located about a half-league outside of Aguascalientes, “in a place called la Barranca, on the Cuisilco River, where it fed into the Morsenique River.” He sold the houses, estancia and land, for 250 pesos, which Fernandez paid in refined silver. I had read that Fernandez owned an hacienda called El Agostadero; I don’t know if this is the same hacienda.

On 02 Oct 1607, Alvaro de Ornelas and Gabriel Lopez, as his creditor, vecinos de la Villa de los Lagos and presently in Aguascalientes, signed a promissory note for various quantities of pesos, owed to Diego Muñoz. I descend from Alvaro de Ornelas’ daughter, Leonor de Mendoza cc Martin de Aguirre.

On 08 Oct 1607, Maria de Frias, widow of Pedro Gonzalez, leased the house and 2 orchards, that she had bought from Gabriel Sanchez & Isabel Sanchez de Lara, to Pedro Hernandez (de Vaulus), for 1 year, at the cost of 30 pesos. Looks like Pedro Hernandez (as he signed his name) was expanding. I descend from 2 of his daughters, Maria de Siordia cc Luis Medina and Petronila de Siordia cc Juan de Padilla. I should note that on this and on the previous document, Pedro Gonzalez’s name appears to be scratched out. Though I could make out a Pº Gˢ, I couldn’t be sure, until I saw him and Maria de Frias mentioned on the denuncia against Juan Garcia de Santa Ana! I wonder who he pissed off?

On 29 Nov 1607, Maria Rodriguez, resident of Aguascalientes, and widow of Juan de Montoro, remitted her testamento before Geronimo de Aguayo, Alcalde Mayor. She named as her albaceas Padre Tomas Ruiz, and Francisca de Castro, wife of Juan Garcia de Santa Ana, and her 5 children as her heirs: Juan Montoro, Cristobal Montoro, Mari Rodriguez, Ana Rodriguez and Ysabel Garcia. She mentions that she was a cofrade of the Cofradia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Ciudad de Mexico, which might place them in that city, before they migrated to Los Altos. I descend from their son, Juan de Montoro cc Catalina de Ayala. Maria Rodriguez and Juan de Montoro were founders of Aguascalientes, 25 years before Jamestown, and 300 years before Little House on the Prairie. Just sayin’

On 12 Dec 1607, Agustina de Viera, widow of Lorenzo Alvarez, and her son, Juan Alvarez, agreed to pay merchant Juan de Burgos 382 pesos y 7 tomines; 285 pesos & 2 tomines, which were owed him by Lorenzo Alvarez deceased, and the other 97 pesos 5 tomines, for clothing and other items, sent from his store to their hacienda. One of the testigos is Alvaro Carrillo, her son-in-law. I descend from Alvaro Carrillo cc Isabel Alvarez.

On 10 Feb 1608, Cristobal Loçano gave power of attorney to Juan de la Fuente, resident of Zacatecas. This one is a hard read. I descend from his daughter, Isabel de Islas Martinez Lozano cc Diego Delgado el Moso.

Another document that mentions Gabriel Sanchez y Mendoza and his wife Isabel Sanchez de Lara. This document gives us important information by telling us that they are residents of Aguascalientes. I had been looking for them in Jalisco. Hopefully one Day we will find out if they left any descendants and who they are.

Thanks Manny,

Rick A Ricci

Thank you so much for the records. I have a few questions:
1. Roque Cordero was the public notary in what area? Or if you did a will in Aguascalientes had to go thru the notary in Guadalajara?
2. On the same collection of microfilms I saw that there are the books from JUAN SEDANO and DE ORENDAIN with overlapping dates. Do you know if Juan Sedano covered specific area?Or everything is mixed?
I don't know anything about the 3 public notaries, and I want to start viewing the microfilms but I need some orientation first. Any info would be greatly appreciated



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