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Who are the parents of Joachin Muñoz de la Barba?

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By R.A.Ricci - Posted on 28 December 2018

I am looking for the parents of Joaquin Munoz de la Barba who is married to Gerónima de Escoto y Tovar. Gerónima was also known as Jeronima De Rodas Ortiz. Joaquín was born circa 1670 and Jeronima was born circa 1672. Jeronima Is the daughter of Ygnacio Escotto and Beatriz. They lived in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco.

Thank you

Rick A. Ricci

Happy Holidays Rick and Nuestrosranchos,
Not sure if this is the same couple as I don't know much about the couple only what I found on Familysearch.

Geronima De Rodas Ortiz LZT3-V5Y cc Joachin Muños de la Barba KH3Q-Y1J
Beatris Morales cc Ignacio Escoto Y Tovar 1651–1706
and his father is

Antonio Escoto y Tovar cc Ines Ortis de Rodas

You are correct Simona, it is the same couple. I am looking for his parents, not hers. I descend from them and have tried to find his parents for many years but I have had no success.

Thanks and Happy New Year,
Rick A. Ricci

in this image of his passing, it mentions his wife Geronima Escoto as the person who has poder para Testar. You possible already followed this lead, but I thought to just add in case not.

I am a bit puzzled by the link you gave. It shows the record for "Juachin Barba" but it's under Gumecinda. How are these two connected? Gumecinda is my great-great-great aunt. Thanks.

sorry for the double posting.

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