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Gomez family from Jalpa

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By rootsandgenes - Posted on 14 December 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Arlene Samaniego and I am looking for help.

I am a Gomez via my maternal line and I am stuck on my mothers paternal line. I cannot seem to locate documents past my 3rd great grandfather Damien Gomez. My last known information is that they resided in Jalpa, Zacatecas and before that possibly Jalisco?

I believe that my Gomez line descended from the Gomez Portugal line due to Y DNA tests conducted by my paternal Great Uncle which connects them to Manuel Gomez de Portugal but we dont know via which male?

I just cant find documents prior to Damien and have hit a brick road. I have a possible father for him as Jose Luis Gomez and Juana Jimenes but nothing to corroborate this.

The following is what I have:

Damien Gomez (1820 - 1887) married to Maria Jesus Gutierres
3rd great-grandfather

Gregorio Gomez (1855 - 1914) married to Ramona Mojarro and Petra Viramontes
Son of Damien Gomez and my 2nd Great Grandfather

Jose Cruz Gomez de Viramontes (1890 - 1947) married Evarista Medina de Tiscareno
Son of Gregorio Gomez and my great grandfather

Benjamin Gomez de Medina (1922 - 1995)
Son of Jose Cruz Gomez Viramontes my grandfather

Maria Gloria Gomez Estrada (1956 - 2008)
My mother

Any insight from any of you would be appreciated!

Dear Arlene,

I don’t want to steer you down the wrong path so please check your information before adding the data that I am providing you. I don’t have the wife of Damian GOMEZ as María De Jesus. I have her name as María Francisca Gutierrez. The Damian Gomez that I am writing about may not be the same Damian Gomez that you have in your family tree but much of the information that you provided fits with this Damian Gomez. José Damian Gomez and María Francisca Gutierrez have a son named Jose Gregorio Gomez. This José Damian was born at the same year as your Damian Gomez. This family has another Gomez ancestry so the Gomez Portugal could possibly come from that line.

José Gregorio Gómez bap.17/Nov/1842, son of Damian Gomez (30/sep/1820) and Francisca Gutierrez, paternal grandparents Ygnacio Gomez and María De la Cruz Garcia; maternal grandparents are Lorenzo Gutierrez and María Cecilia Torres.

Ygnacio Gómez is the son of Jose Gomez and María Josefa

María De la Cruz García is the daughter of Jph. Justo Garcia and Gertrudis Casillas

Joseph Justo is the son of Juan De San Pedro Garcia and Ana Plasencia

Juana de San Pedro is the son of Juan Marin Garcia and Lorenza “Leogarda” Lopez

Ana Plasencia is the daughter of Gregorio Plasencia and Juana Perez

This takes you to the late 1600’s

Lorenzo Gutierrez and María Cecilia Torres were married in 1818. Lorenzo’s parents are Lorenzo Gutierrez and María Guadalupe Gomez. María Cecilia’s parents are Nicolas Torres and María Mexia (Mejía, Megia)

María Guadalupe Gomez may descend from the Gomez Portugal.

I hope I was able to help you,
Rick A. Ricci


You're correct, the parents of Damien Gomez are Luis Gomez and Juana Jimenez. Both Luis Gomez and Juana Jimenez are named in the defuncion of Damien Gomez:


Thank you! I will check on this information and I truly appreciate your assistance!


Thank you Chris I found this document also but was not certain it was him. I appreciate your help!


Thanks Chris for showing that the two Damian’s were two different people. Although they were both born in 1820, they both had wives with the surname Gutierrez, and both had sons named Gregorio, there were two differences that stood out. Damien’s wife was named María De Jesus Gutierrez while Damian’s wife was named María Francisca. The other big difference was that the two Gregorio Gomez y Gutierrez were born more than a decade apart. A third difference was that one repeatedly came up in the records as Damian, while the other came up Damien.

Rick A. Ricci

I have noticed the variation in the spelling of Damian's first name on different records. Interesting.

Thank you both!

Hi Arlene,
I recall seeing additional information for Jalpa under Files>Reference Materials>Jalpa posted by another member that I found very helpful. It includes:

Jalpa Marriages 1685-1712 and 1819-1827
Jalpa Padron de 1820 Transcrition in PDF
Jalpa Padrones 1820

Good Luck in your research.
Ruben R

Thank you Ruben

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