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Juchipila padrones

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By blankcast75 - Posted on 12 December 2018

Can anyone tell me if they have found any more padrones for Juchipila? I know of the 1819 and 1824 census records and I have searched those and found some pretty promising information but due to the lack of records for Juchipila before 1840, I was hoping to find more padrones. I am searching for records on the Castaneda family around that area, particularly a Rafael Castaneda, married to Simona Flores. Before searching the Juchipila and Moyahua padrones, I had no idea who Rafael's mother and father might be, but now I believe they may be Vicente Castaneda and Lugarda/Leogarda de Aro. This family was in the Moyahua census records in 1818 and then again a couple of years later, however this time, Lugarda was now a widow. Then they were all missing from the next Moyahua census BUT I later found Lugarda de Aro and some of her children in the 1824 Juchipila census (Rincon de Animas), including her 22 year old son, Rafael, and they are listed near a Flores family, including their 19 year old daughter, Simona. AND they are also listed just above another young Flores male married to a Castaneda female with the same name as a sister listed with Rafael while they were still living in Moyahua. It makes me think that maybe Rafael eventually married his sister's sister-in-law. So maybe brother and sister were married to a brother and sister. But they would have been married and starting their family in Juchipila during a time that Juchipila's records are missing. Eventually there are records listing them as grandparents in Juchipila, Moyahua, and Mezquital del Oro, but I am hoping to find that one record that tells me THESE two people (Rafael and Simona) did marry each other and if so, they are probably my great, great, great grandparents. I still have hope i will find a later Juchipila census that shows them married. Those census records also make me think Vicente Castaneda was the brother of Manuel Castaneda, married to Antonia Nunes in Moyahua. And their parents may have been Manuel Castaneda and Antonia de la Torre. I put that out there to hopefully find someone searching for the same family.

These possible brothers (Manuel and Vicente), and their families also show up in records in Teul, Tlaltenango, and Cuquio, Jalisco with references back to Teul

I descend from Manuel Castañeda and Antonia de la Torre. I also show that they had 12 children, including the brothers you mention: Joseph Vicente Ferrer and Manuel. My direct line is their brother Pedro Antonio Gil Castañeda, so I didn't follow Vicente's line. I have connected with a couple of other members on this forum who are researching this same family.

I don't have any information about Juchipila during this time frame, but this family does go back to Teul and Tlaltenango. My line is through Manuel's (m. Maria Antonio de la Torre) father's cousin Catalina de Vargas Castaneda (m. Agustin Flores de la Torre) They lived in Milpillas in Teul, though I strongly suspect Agustin was from Juchipila and another son of Lucas Flores de la Torre and Beatriz de Torres. I was looking up information on the town and found in Wikipedia of all places that the land was granted to Catalina's father or grandfather Pedro de Castaneda (m. Francisca Lopez Mercado or Gutierrez) 16 Jul 1688 which is right when Pedro and his brother Joseph - Manuel's grandfather m. Francisca Vela Castro or Vela y Rodas - started having kids there. I haven't found an actual document for this land grant yet though.

Thank you for your reply. I do remember seeing the baptism record for Pedro Antonio. But I connected with someone on Ancestry that said she descends from Vicente and yet we are not a DNA match so now I'm worried I may not be on the right track. I'm pretty sure about my tree up to Rafael Castaneda/Simona Flores but not after that.

Thank you, Andrea. I am really hoping that I am on the right track with Vicente but even if I'm not, I'm sure we connect somewhere, and that is some interesting information. My dad's sister just did a dna test for me too (since my father passed before I could ask him to). I'm hoping it will help me connect to more people who can help point me in the right direction.

In case you don't already have this, or someone else needs it, Rafael and Simona's son had a marriage dispensation

~ Andrea

Thank you, Andrea. I knew about this child and this marriage, but I had not seen this particular record. I guess I need to look through these records more. Maybe I will have some luck finding other children.

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