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Villapando Vielma Xaen Arias in Leon Guanajuato

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 11 November 2018


For those of you researching any links between the surnames in the subject line, I found this baptism in the records from

Sagrario, Leon, Guanajuato:

Image 10

15 sept 1646

Maria, dau of Nicolas Villalpando and Maria de Vielma

Padrinos: Francisco Xaen and Ynes Arias (his wife)

I came across it because I am looking for any link between the surnames Olar, Villalpando, and Aguila.

In Asientos, there is an Antonio de Aguila married to a Juana Olar, and I want to find out if Antonio has his roots in Leon.

The surname Olaes shows up in some records mentioned here in NR . Does anyone know if Olar is an alternate spelling of Olaes?


I did find the name Olaer in a document:

Image 517 film 221406 (Lagos de Moreno, Santo Maria de los Lagos)

BAPTISM of Joseph Casimiro, son of:

Don Joseph Manuel Olaer and Dona Catalina Ponce de Leon
De la villa de LEON

"México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 28 June 2014), Lagos de Moreno > Santa María de los Lagos > Bautismos de hijos legítimos 1701-1718 > image 517 of 693; parroquias Católicas, Jalisco (Catholic Church parishes, Jalisco).


I have never seen the surname Olaer, but this record does show the father as Dn. Joseph Manuel "OLAES." This record may help in two ways: 1) There were other marriages between Villalpando and Olaes in Leon in the mid 1600s (for our group) and 2) I descend from the Ponce de León from San Luis Potosi, and did find a couple who kept going back and forth from Lagos and SLP which may connect here somewhere. I have been trying to see if my Ponce de León line, the one from Lagos de Moreno and the line from Morelia all connect somehow.

Daniel MdTC

Hi Daniel

Thanks for your input!

I am glad you can read it as Olaes, since I have already seen other Olaes and Olaez in the book of Leon baptisms I am going through. "Olaes" makes better sense.

"S" and "Z" are a very different sound than "r" so I do not understand how a priest could just spell it wrong in Asientos.

So far, I have seen Olar for two different individuals in Asientos (maybe sisters?) and two records from Spain in FS digital records.

I would not spent so much time on this except it may be the only way I can link Antonio de Aguila (from Asientos and before that, Fresnillo) to Leon, as he was married to a woman with the surname Olar. My big project now is to find the parents of Antonio and Juan Sebastian de Aguila - I do not believe they were brothers, but perhaps cousins or uncle and nephew.

As for the Villalpando Vielma Xaen Arias links, I am wondering if Francisco Xaen is related to the Xaens of Aguascalientes...given there is a Ruiz de Esparza married to Vielma...One big network.


Hi Denise,

I hope the following provides some guidance.

Martín de Oláez or Olaes married Isabel Cortés Briseño in León on 14 Jun 1638. If I remember correctly, the parents are not mentioned this early in these marriages. They had the following children, including my ancestor:

1. Juana Cortés Briseño baptized 1 Jul 1655 who would have married Juan de Saavedra (might be related to the Saavedra Guzmán from Lagos de Moreno).

2. Miguel de Oláez Briseño baptized on 9 April 1654 married Lucía Flores de la Torre. Interestingly, Lucía first married Diego de la Mota y Padilla, had some children from her prior marriage in Leon, move to Jalisco and produce the Mayorazgos de la Mota in Guadalajara.

3. Ursula de Oláez Briseño married Juan de Villalpando, son of Juan de Villalpando and Francisca on 1 Aug 1672 in León. I have not been able to connect these Villalpandos to our line quite yet, but would think they are closely related as they are all in León. They had at least one son:

Juan de Villalpando y Oláez baptized on 3 Jun 1672 in León. I believe this Juan went to New Mexico if I remember correctly., but haven't studied that branch extensively to be able to speak to it.

Ursula would later marry José de Ulloa on 26 Jul 1674 in León and have Rosa María de Ulloa y Villalpando baptized on 7 Oct 1677 - León and Juana de Ulloa y Oláez who married Nicolás Sánchez Montes de Oca on 16 Oct 1695 in León. He was from Teocaltiche, son of Esteban Sánchez Montes de Oca and María de Nava Anda Altamirano. Interestingly, Nicolás was the sister of Teresa Sánchez Altamirano who married Diego López de Nava, who has been cited here many times in other posts regarding the Aguila and López de Nava.

4. Leonor de Oláez Briseño baptized on 8 May 1658 in León.

My ancestor Lucía Flores de la Torre would marry one of the Oláez children. This is the branch that went to Guadalajara thru the López de la Mota.


In regards to your point regarding these three families, I have thought the exact same thing. Here are some loose ends that I hope to connect one day.

I think María de Bielma possibly used her mother's name, she would have married Nicolás de Villalpando who I have noted as Alcalde Ordinario de León and had at least the following children:

1. María de Villalpando y Bielma baptized on 15 Sep 1646 - León. Her godparents: Francisco de Jaén e Inés Arias.

2. José de Villalpando y Bielma baptized on 21 Jul 1658 - León

Not sure how Nicolás connects to the Villalpando trunk yet. Inés Arias probably belongs to the Arias de Bedoya family from Zamora, Michoacán, I also descend from them.

There is also another loose end Diego de Villalpando who married Isabel Lozano de Gardea. This Villalpando line would produce the Nochistlán line and successively the Jalostotitlán line of the villalpandos.

Then there is that Juan de Villalpando who married a Francisca and had Juan de Villalpando who married Ursula de Olaez in 1672 - León.

What I know for certain is that Tomás de Villalpando and María Vélez is the oldest Villalpando couple I have been able to work with in León. They would have had at least two children I can document:

1. Tomás Alejandro who married María de Vargas y León on 7 oct 1677 in Aguascalientes and María Sotelo, Ruiz de Esparza, Jaén on 12 Mar 1690 in the same city.

2. Marcos baptized on 4 May 1649 in León and married María López de Aranda on 3 Apr 1680 in León. This couple had another Marcos baptized on 10 May 1685 in León.

Best Regards,


Hi Danny

Thanks for the info! I am slowly working my way through the baptismal records for Leon 1600s...I will keep an eye out for these surnames, in addition to Aguila and Villalpando and Olar. During the week I dont have much time, so I look forward to the weekend to hopefully make some progress.


Hi Daniel

So many good tips! Thanks!
Note: I came across the baptism of Marcos Villalpando son of Marcos Villalpando and Maria Lopez. (I posted it elsewhere here in NR, having overlooked you had aldready put it here). It is the 10th of May, however, the year is 1681 (not '85) . You may want to check your records.

I made it through over 100 records of baptism and not a single Aguila...Very frustrating I can't get records from Fresnillo for the 1600s!

Not sure what to do next, except maybe try to puzzle out the Lopez de Navas named in Diego de Aguilas info mat and find out how they link with other Lopez de Navas. (Paula Lopez de Nava and her father, and someone named Cornelio Lopez de Nava.)


Hello Everyone,

While looking at some documents related to the Holy Inquisition in Mexico... I ran across a document which mentions Alonso de Villalpando and Faustina Arias:

Proceso contra Diego Fernandez del Toro por Blasfemo - Maravatio (1581)

It's somewhat difficult to read given the Spanish paleography of the period. I am able to make out some names and that Alonso and Faustina were Espanoles neighbors of Maravatio.

By the way, please check on for Villalpando dispensas/informacion matrimoniales when you get a chance. I think that there's 2 or 3 at least that we've turned up.

Hope it helps.


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