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Antonio Villalpando

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 08 October 2018

On the subject of the three men named Antonio Villalpando in Asientos, I earlier posted the info below (reply to original post from George Fulton):
Antonio Villalpando 1752
Submitted by Denise Fastrup on Mon, 2018-09-03 19:39.
I found three mentions of Antonio Villapando...three men or two or one and the same?

Here are the links and some info:

Image 275
06 May 1752
Joseph Antonio Villalpando, age 25, esp, soltero, testigo #2, MAESTRO DE SASTRE
I.M. for Joseph Sanchez mestizo and Maria Servantes española
Cannot sign his own name
Image 279
10 may 1752
Antonio de Villalpando age 25, esp, soltero, testigo #2,
I.M. for Joseph Marcelo Reyes esp and Anna Josepha (Infante) esp.
cannot sign own name

Image 305 image 305
10 june 1752
Antonio de Villalpando, age 24, from Tepezalan, soltero, testigo #1
I M for Pedro Fermin Martinez indio and Anna Gertrudis Martinez india
Signed his own name (but it looks like he is not used to writing!)

So, if you descend from an Antonio Villalpando, there are a few clues here....


edit: forgot the source, here it is:
"México, Aguascalientes, registros parroquiales, 1620-1962," database with images, FamilySearch
Asientos > Nuestra Señora de Belén > Información matrimonial 1750-1754
parroquias Católicas, Aguascalientes (Catholic Church parishes, Aguascalientes).
Film number 1410803


I came across the third Antonio Villalpando again (above reference image 305), with the same curious signature, listed as a testigo in 1758, and this time with a note that he is married to Barbara Gertrudis Romo de Vivar:


In case you don’t have this one, here are the IM and marriage record of Juan Antonio Villalpando cc Josepha Flores Narvaez:

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thanks Manny! I did not have those records!

Sorry I could not respond sooner...

Here is more info on this family:

His daughter Maria Dionisia de Villalpando married a man named Joseph Manuel de Araiza in Asientos in 1755, here is the link to the info mat:

In this record, Juan Antonios wife's name is given as : Josepha Catharina Pichardo. In the IM you provided, I can see that Josepha's father's name is Dias Pichardo. So I believe it's the same woman.


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