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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 19 September 2018

Hola prim@s,

On 16 May 1566, in Guadalajara, Alonso de Rubalcava appears as a witness in the PROCESO CONTRA JUAN DE BERMEO. His testimony is only in regards to the case, and gives no genealogical information - but it does list him as “maestro de la obra de nra sta yglesia(?), plus it gives us his approximate age (42/1524) and a signature (so we now know what he called himself: Alonso de Rubalcava or Robalcava).

Does anybody know his origins? Most have him as son of Mateo Rubalcava cc Juana Maria Gonzalez, and a grandson of conquistador Ruy Gonzalez and an Indian woman. I’ve seen books referenced, but I am leery of secondary resources, since we’ve seen some disproven with newer findings.

This new birth year raises new questions: if Alonso de Rubalcava was born ca 1524, that’s going to make it difficult for him to be grandson of a 1st conqueror. Ages given on these documents are rarely 100% accurate; I usually give them plus or minus 10 years. But even if he were born in 1534, it would be a tight squeeze. Anybody?
Gracias y saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo


I think it's possible that we're wrong about Ruy Gonzalez age. he first appears in 1519 with Narvaez and I think most people estimated he was born around 1490-1495 but it's possible he was 10 years or more older than that in which case it's more than possible

When you stated that he was "maestro de la obra de nra sta yglesia",I think the information below, from Retonos, fits your Alonso de Rubalcava, as he was a church architect in two different places.

All this information comes from Mariano González-Leal, Retoños de España;
Tomo IV Vol. II; GONZÁLEZ DE RUBALCAVA -- pp. 293-319.

Born in 1526 in Las Heras, Palencia (Castilla y León), SPAIN
Father: Don Mateo De ROBALCAVA
Mother: Juana María GONZÁLEZ
The family moves to Nueva Galicia, MEXICO sometime between 1540–1545. Alonzo is about age 14–19.

1548 – Relations with “una India”
Their son Domingo De ROBALCAVA (1548- ) is considered Mestizo

Move: 1560 (about age 34) Pátzcuaro, Michoacán Occupation (1560–1567): The Viceroy of Mexico requested that Alonso use his profession, architect, as an act of mercy (i.e., no pay) for the Augustinian friars. Don Alonso and Fray Jerónimo de la Magadalena worked on the mission, first Catholic outpost in this territory in Santiágo de Copándaro, Michoacán

Property (8 August 1560): As a reward for working as architect on the Augustinian mission, Viceroy of New Spain, Don Luís de Velasco granted Don Alonso a large estancia, which would be passed to his descendants in perpetuity.

Occupation (1565): Don Alonso was the principal architect in Guadalajara for the second Cathedral. Guadalajara's population had grown since the first was built in the early 1500's. The new Cathedral was constructed of adobe and had three naves.

Marriage 1568 (about age 42)
Wife: Doña Beatriz LÓPEZ DE FUENLLANA (1546-1607)
They have 10 children, born between 1569 & 1581.

Hope this helps,
Lucy Sweeney

Hi Lucy,

Thank you, that is the same Alonso de Robalcava. That he was born in Las Heras, Palencia, is new to me. The other details are super helpful, too.

Here's a link to another NR thread, regarding the testamento of his wife, Beatriz Lopez, and a court case against her brother, Fray Diego de Fuenllana - which gives a partial genealogy:

Thanks again!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thanks fir the link, Manny.


Thanks for the link, Manny.


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