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INQUISICION MEXICANA EN LAGOS: Lopez, Sanchez de Mendoza, Sanchez de Lara

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 18 September 2018

Hola prim@s,
Ready for some more primary source? This is the proceso contra Padre Alonso Lopez de Espinar beneficiado de Lagos por solicitante, and against his “enemigo capital,” Padre Tomas Ruiz, another priest in Lagos, por amancebado con dos mugeres casadas. This is from Feb 1592, so the list of witnesses is basically a who’s who of early Lagos.
Like a lot of you, everything I know about these people, I learned from Holcombe and Gonzalez-Leal, and from the available records that still exist. This proceso reveals some new people (for me, at least): Gabriel Sanchez and Cristobal Sanchez, sons of Toribio Hernandez cc Ysabel de Mendoza; Gabriel Sanchez was married to Ysabel Sanchez de Lara, hija de Juan Sanchez ya difunto cc Elvira Gil de Lara. It also connects some of the descendants of Luis Lopez cc Mencia Lopez (question: is she the same who married Francisco Lopez Muñiz, parents of Ynes Lopez cc Juan Lopez de Nava?)
These are my notes, basically an index of the witnesses. Most of them are giving testimony about the defendants. Enjoy!
Manny Diez Hermosillo


- Alonso Lopez de Espinar HL de Gabriel Lopez cc Luisa de Espinar Abuelos paternos: Luis Lopez cc Mencia Lopez Abuelos maternos: Luis de Espinar? cc Elvira de Piñon? todos naturales de Torrijos
- Mariana de Mendoza 35+ cc Cristobal Olibares 34+, ella es HL de Toribio Hernandes cc Ysabel de Mendoza.
- Ysabel Sanchez de Lara 25 cc Gabriel Sanchez; ella es natl de Guanajuato HL Juan Sanchez DTO cc Elvira Gil de Lara; Gabriel Sanchez es HL de Toribio Hernandes cc Ysabel de Mendoza.
- Hernando Villegas 31.
- Francisco Muñoz dice que su muger (Luisa de Nava?) es prima hermana del dho Alo Lopez. wife spoken of in present tense - still alive in 592.
- Maria de Nava 21 nat; de Lagos, vna de Mexico cc Alonso Guerra carretero.
- Lorenso Padilla Davila.
- Lorenso Domingues 50+ cc Catalina Lopez: dixo q Cristobal Sanchez hno de Gabriel Sanchez quiso matar a Alo Lopez. Catalina Lopez es prima hmna de Alo Lopez y madrina de Mariana de Mendoza.
- Pedro de Anda 60+.
- Pedro Medel 70?
- Alvaro Carrillo 40+
- Lorenso Alvarez 40+
- Andres Lopez 50+ tio del dho Alo Lopez
- tt Padre Cristobal Macias, su hermano Juan Ramires cc Francisca, Pedro de Medinilla alcalde mayor, Juan Becerra, Martin Vasquez teniente de alcaldia mayor.
- Diego Gomez 28 - primo de Alo Lopez
- Capp Francisco de Tavera.
- Juan Garcia de Santana 40.

Great find Manny! Daniel Mendez Camino was the first to bring to my attention Toribio’s son Gabriel Sanchez. Gabriel’s sister, Marta Hurtado De Mendoza, married his wife’s brother, Juan Sanchez De Lara. In a secondary source I read that Toribio had a son named Cristobal, But this is the first time that I read about a primary source identifying him. I found Gabriel’s marriage record, but have no other information on him. I have been unable to find descendants, or any other information about these two brothers. Do you have a wife for Cristobal? Is there any other information on Gabriel and Cristobal?

I wonder why Cristobal Sanchez is the one that “quiso Matar a Alo López”. Was Cristobal Sanchez’s wife, sister, or daughter one of the women found to have a relationship with Padre Alonso Lopez De Espinar?

It’s great that ages are provided so that we can better approximate their dates of birth.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick
Mariana de Mendoza and Ysabel Sanchez de Lara were 2 of the women whom Alo Lopez tried to seduce. And I’m glad you asked, because I just realized I misread the text: Cristobal Sanchez was NOT the brother of Gabriel Sanchez, but of his wife, Ysabel Sanchez de Lara. So, backtrack: Toribio Hernandez cc Ysabel de Mendoza did not have a son named Cristobal Sanchez, it was the son of Juan Sanchez cc Elvira Gil de Lara, who reacted as any brother would, and wanted to kill Lopez.
As for Mariana de Mendoza's husband, I had always seen him as "Rodrigo" de Olivares, rather than "Cristobal." I found a testamento for a Rodrigo de Olibares cc Maria de Mendoza, natl de Puebla de LA, hijo de Juan de Olibares cc Francisca Rodriguez. Would this be the same Rodrigo de Olibares?
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,
Thank you for the clarification. I am back to one son for Toribio Hernández.Have you found an age or any other information on Gabriel Sanchez?

I am also curious about Diego Gomez. It says he is a cousin of padre Alonso Lopez. Is there any more information that you can find on this Diego Gomez?

Thanks again,

Dear Manny,

I believe that the confusion regarding Cristobal Sanchez explains why someone else also mistakenly believed that Cristobal was a son of Toribio Hernández Arellano. This clarification is important to me as I will no longer take time trying to connect him to Toribio.


R A. Ricci


Do you mind posting the will your found for Rodrigo Olivares?



do you have the link for this testameto


Hi Rick,

No other info is given on Diego Gomez, other than he is primo hermano of Padre Alonso Lopez. Nor is any more info given on Gabriel Sanchez.

Hi Alex & Danny,

Here is the testamento of Rodrigo de Olivares, who was born in Cdad de Los Angeles, son of Juan de Olivares cc Francisca Rodriguez. This Rodrigo de Olivares lived in SLP, as early as 1616, and was married to another Maria de Mendoza - who was daughter of Cristobal de Olivares cc Maria de Mendoza. They married around 1603. This is the same couple who baptized Bernabe on 18 Jun 1604, in Guadalajara, Jal. Bernabe is mentioned in the testamento.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Talk about tricky names! Thanks for the link!

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