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Parents of Juan de Moscoso y Sandoval...

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By JMendi - Posted on 12 September 2018

Good evening,

I am a new member of nuestrosranchos and find this an excellent resource
full of great information.

As I continue to research my family tree and fill in the gaps, one major gap
I have is not being able to confirm who are the parents of Juan de Moscoso y
Sandoval, married to Catalina Andrea Benavides Cortez in Nochistlan, in
early 1600. Some say Juan’s father was Lope de Moscoso Osorio y Castro (VI
Conde de Altamira) and his mother was Leonor Sandoval Roxas y Borja. Has
anybody found any confirmation of who his parents were?

I found this book “Nobiliario Genealógico de los Reyes y Títulos de España ”
which you can fully download from
ZX0xWsztSxnDX38s8Up26pzAYd8S-78zk4AM1xEreQGD5HoFrLP4pCKsagwYoA ) The book is
quite interesting and has excellent information which could be helpful to
many of you. On pages 332-334, the author mentions Lope de Moscoso Osorio,
his wife and, although not clear to me, also mentions them having 10
children? If you have a chance to access this book, please read the first
paragraph on the second column of page 332. Afterwards, several of their
children are mentioned but not all. Unfortunately Juan Moscoso y Sandoval
was not listed and may be one of those missing.

In addition, in the next paragraph mentions one of his sons as Baltasar de
Moscoso y Sandoval as Cardenal de la Santa Iglesia Romana y Obispo de Jaen,
que fue Arcediano de Guadalajara, etc. Does anyone know what is Arcediano de
Guadalajara and is the Guadalajara referred to here in Mexico (Nueva España)
or somewhere else in Spain?

Again, I am just trying to find the missing link for me regarding who were
the parents of Juan de Moscoso y Sandoval.

Thank you for your time and feedback to help me get the info/source I am

Jose Mendizabal

This is one of the great mysteries of nuestrosranchos that we are all stuck on. To my knowledge no one has confirmed his parents. I have seen many trees online with the information you have posted but they are not confirmed at all. Another candidate you will see on this forum is Juan's father being Matheo Vazquez de Sandoval, also unconfirmed but he at least was in the area at the time period.

To search this forum, I suggest going to google and entering: (search terms)

You do not include the parenthesis when adding your search terms.

Hi Jose,

This has been debated for several years. I do recall the hypothesis, as you mentioned, that our Nochistlán line connects to Lope de Moscoso y Osorio and his wife Leonor de Sandoval y Rojas. The timeline and last names definitely fit, but what no one has been able to answer is if a primary source exists to establish this link. Also, where did the Vázquez surname originate from? How does Mateo Vázquez de Sandoval fit into all this?

As to your question about Arcediano de Guadalajara, it means he was the Archdeacon of the cathedral in the city of Guadalajara in Castilla, Spain.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

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