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Hernan Gonzalez Corona and Diego Gonzalez Corona

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By ssales1984 - Posted on 02 September 2018

Dear Members,

Because of Alex's help I now know have primary documentary proof of who the parents and paternal grandparents of Hernán González Corona (1577-1622) were through the Testamento (will) of Juan Fernandez Nieto found in Jorge Palomino y Canedo "Los protocolos de Rodrigo Hernández Cordero, 1585-1591 : escribano público de Guadalajara," Jal. 1972, pp. 145-147. I had seen the names mentioned, here on Nuestros Ranchos (but without citation), and on less than trustowthy sites. But now there is a primary document. As the testamento/will document shows in relation to Hernan:

Parents: Juan Fernandez Nieto (?-1590) cc. Catalina de León (?-?). Hernán's paternal grandparents were Alonso Martín (?-before 1590) cc. Isabel Álvarez (? - after 1590). Juan Fernandez Nieto, the testator, also gives us the critical information that his own father (Hernan's grandfather), Alonso Martin, was "conquistador que fue de este Reyno de la nueva Galizia."(p. 145). The will also gives the age of Hernán as 13 in 1590, which would mean he was born around 1577. That would make better sense than what I previously had which was that he was born ca. 1590. He died ca. 1622 since there is a "Bienes de Difuntos" (in PARES, Archivo General de Indias, 1 Documento(s). Folios 307-309.) list that gives the names of his wife, Ines de Tapia y Aguayo and children.

So, here is my puzzle, and I return to it after I first asked here on NR in 2014 (maybe someone has new info). I have not been able to prove definitively how I descend from Hernan Gonzalez Corona because there are at least two but probably three people of the same name and there is a lacuna of information in the mid 1600s. I have THREE Diego Gonzales (a. Diego Gonzalez Corona y Piña, b. Diego Gonzalez de la Madriz, and c. Diego Gonzalez Corona y Tapia de Aguayo. The one I can prove direct descent from is a Diego Gonzalez-Corona y Piña (or Peña). He is married to Juana de Santa Cruz. According to Agraz's "Esbozos Históricos de Tecolotlán," Diego Gonzalez Corona y Piña is married to Mariana Ruiz Galindo (p.356). This would make it easy because that would make Diegos a and b above of to be the same person given the Bienes de Difuntos info. However, there is a dispensa from the 1780s (admittedly a LONG time after) which clearly shows Diego as the son of a Pedro Gonzalez, of whom I have not found any other evidence. I suppose that if they were wrong and Pedro=Hernan, then the mystery would be solved.

Any insight anyone?




I see the names Corona and Nieto on this thread and wonder are these people related to Pedro Nieto that married Josefa Corona from the early 1600s in Pinos Zacatecas?

Hola Sergio:

En Querétaro hubo una familia muy rica formada por Don Francisco de Medina Murillo y por doña Isabel González Corona, ésta familia proviene de Extremadura, una de sus hijas llamada María de Medina y Corona se casa con un funcionario llamado Juan Caballero y fueron padres de Juan Caballero de Medina y de otros hijos, éste segundo Juan Caballero fue padre del gran benefactor de Querétaro y de las misiones de las Californias Don Juan Caballero y Osio, una de las hijas pasó a Zacatecas.

Ésta familia tenía terrenos en Sierra de Pinos, en las listas de bautismos de Sierra de Pinos (que subió recientemente jrefugiohermosillo) aparecen varios integrantes de ésta familia ya que eran propietarios de grandes extensiones de tierra en esa región. La hija que pasó a Zacatecas se llamaba Úrsula Caballero de Medina que se casó con Juan Dosal La Madrid y fueron abuelos de doña Rosalía Dosal, primera esposa del Conde de San Mateo de Valparaíso.

La familia González Corona y las que emparentaron con ellas tenía grandes rebaños y los llevaban a pastar a Santa María de los Lagos todos los años, así que varios miembros de esa familia aparecen relacionados con las familias de Nueva Galicia. Las genealogías que existen sobre estas familias aun se encuentran incompletas, aun así espero te sirvan estos comentarios.


Gracias, Marcelina!

Veremos que encontramos.

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