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Rodrigo, Rodrigo, Rodrigo Masias

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By sarod77 - Posted on 29 August 2018

Since this is about the Macias, this might have been posted already. However it was good practice in creating tree (thanks Manny).

Pg 258 IM Christoval Masias Espl. 56 yo, vdo. De Maria Toscano con
Phelipa de Oliba Masias

Pg. 260 is another marriage of brother Joseph to another Mary Masias (possibly step as christoval has different wife).
Pg. 261 is the following tree
Alonso Masias Hermanos Rodrigo Masias
Thomas Masias 1st Rodrigo Masias
Christoval Masias Pretenso 2nd Rodrigo (espuesto y luego reconocido como hijo)
3rd Christobal Masias
4th Phelipa Masia Pretensa

Testigo de don Juan Calvillo, Espl. De 72 anos
That through his ancestors he knows that Alonso Masias and Rodrigo are brothers….etc. He then states that because they are distant it wasn't known, but when Joseph Peres Masias (masias peres) brother of the pretense married Maria Masias, Hermana de esta Phelipa de Oliva con dispensa. That is when Gregorio Masias relative of hers knew that they had to be related. This caused fights amongst each other.

Simona, do you know what time frame this is? and how this Cristobal Macias might be connected to this Cristobal Macias:

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