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Beatriz Delgado - wife of Pedro Calderon Solano and Antonio de Castro

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By andrea_e - Posted on 24 August 2018

Hello fellow researchers

I'm waiting for my mtDNA results and while I wait I'm trying to see if I can get my maternal line back a little bit further.

The earliest mother's mother's mother I can document using Family Search films is Beatriz Delgado, Spanish, born about 1595. She's the mother of Francisca de Rodas and Catalina Ponce who married in Tlaltenango. Both daughters are in my direct line, but my maternal line goes back through Catalina.

1636 - Francisca de Rodas with Rodrigo de Castro (left side entry has the parents)

1648 - Catalina Ponce and Manuel de Viera

Apparently, Pedro Calderon Solano passed away and Beatriz remarried with Antonio de Castro. I've read the online Tlaltenango marriage film and found nothing else relating to them, unless I missed it due to the hard-to-read handwriting. I don't believe Beatriz and Antonio de Castro had children.

Before I knew she was my ancestor, and back when I had an Ancestry free trial, I saw several trees which had Antonio de Castro (father of Rodrigo) married to a BRIGIDA Delgado about 1624 or 1634. Her parents were said to be Luis Delgado and Ana Flores Rubin from Guadalajara. It's Ancestry, so all the info looked copied from other trees and there were no real sources that I remember. But I see in the gedcom Luis Delgado and JUANA Flroes from Guadalajara with a son Juan Delgado Flores married in the 1630s in Tlaltenango. I was wondering if the info about Brigida/Beatriz came from anyone here or if anyone knew anything about a Brigida or Beatriz or had any sources to point to about her parentage or anything else that might help.

I know there was a Beatriz Delgado married to Martin Gonzales a generation or so earlier, so this one probably fits in there somehow.

Thanks in advance for any help
~ Andrea

Found the marriage record while looking for something else, in case anyone else has these guys in their line

28 Feb 1634

Hi Andrea,
I have both Francisca AND Catalina in my direct lines and have not been ble to go further than the two docs you listed above. I recently, combed through all of tlaltenango and rest of Zacatecas looking for a connection for Manuel Veira as the surname isn’t that common. In “Familias antiguas de Tlaltenango” p. 62 States Manuel was an unmarried Spaniard , resident of the guardianship of El Teul. Also, perhaps there is a connection with Agustina veira, or its actually Vera.
I have Beatriz Delgado, not Brígida. And I’ve seen Catalina as Catalina perla, Catalina de Rodas and Catalina ponce de Rodas.
Coincidently, the last marriage record u posted was Juan de Vera married to Juana Miramontes. The padrinos are Lorenzo Miramontes m. María Gonzales, who is ma. Gonzales Delgado. Their son is Juan Miramontes m. Brígida Ortiz, my 12th grandparents.

I am in the same boat as you and Maven-- I descend from Manuel de Viera and Catalina Ponce. My dead ends are the same as yours. We just don't have the records that go back further, although there could be property or land and water records that include additional information. These records may not yet be digitized or indexed. However, for ancestors from this area at this time period, this is about where the trail ends.

Would you be willing to share Beatriz's MtDNA haplogroup when you find out? I'd be curious what hers is-- she not my direct maternal ancestor, but she is one of my ancestors.



I think the "Perla" is misread handwriting. The "Ponce" in Catalina's marriage record does look like "Perla" at first glance. I also thought of Agustina de Viera in relation to Manuel. The IGI also shows a Viera family in Pueblo about 1620, but those two instances are about all I've seen of the name.

A lot of my lines go back to the Miramontes family. I have Hernando, Juan Jr., and Catalina de Haro. I may have your younger Juan's sister if my Flores de la Torre line from Teul goes back through Pedro Flores de la Torre and Clara, but I've found no solid proof yet.

~ Andrea

I was hoping Beatriz had popped up as a godparent where it states she was the aunt or sister of someone we had records for. I would be happy to share the results! They aren't expected until the end of September/early October.

~ Andrea

Actually, Andrea, I am testing a cousin of mine whose family is from Totatiche. She appears to descend in the matrilineal line from Catalina Ponce, and thus, Beatriz. In an interesting twist, before I saw this message, I had paid for an MtDNA test for this cousin. I'm wondering if we'll see a match. That would be awesome!

I'm sending you an email as I have questions about this family.


The happlegroup came back A2d1a, Native American. Very interesting! All the ladies I have documented on this line say they're "españolas." Unless the Native America is earlier on, closer to the original conquest.

My line is through Juana Ponce and Francisco de Sandoval in Tlaltenango, who seem to have left a lot of descendants.

Interesting......A2 native line.

Sometimes it's like the ancestors decide they're ready for us to have more clues. All of a sudden I hopped up to check something unrelated in the early baptism film and stumbled across this:

5 Aug 1639 baptism Antonio Delgado Lopez "compadres Antonio de Castro y Beatriz GONZALEZ su mujer . . ."

It seemed logical she was named after the Beatriz Delgado m. Martin Gonzalez, but it's good to have evidence of a connection!

Upon further poking around . . .
1636 baptism of Jacinto Lamas Rodriguez (son of Jacinto Fernandez de Lamas and Mariana Rodriguez) "compadres . . . Beatriz Delgado hermana de la parida"
(There's two Beatriz Delgados - most likely related - during this time, the other one was married to Diego de Molina, so this could be either of them)

Mariano Gonzalez-Leal mentions a Pedro Calderon, native of Villa de Garcia, Trujillo, Caceres, Extremadura, and son of Francisco Solano Calderon de Villegas and Francisca Jimenez Altamirano. These 2 were parents of Hernando de Villegas (m. Ines Lopez de Nava) and Isabel de Rodas (m. Francisco de Cobarrubias). From the timeline, this Pedro Calderon might be the one who married Beatriz Delgado, or his father. Either way, your Pedro Calderon descends from this family.
Since Beatriz Delgado remarried in 1634, we know Pedro Calderon died before then. He was probably a landowner, so he would have left a testamento. I’d recommend going through the protocolos for Guadalajara, starting from that year, and going backwards.

Great work, Andrea, keeping an eye open for ancestors appearing as padrinos (and testigos). I’ve broken down more than one brickwall that way!

Manny Diez Hermosillo

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