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Document with some interesting names...

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By 245luigi - Posted on 22 August 2018

I found a visita of Nueva Galicia in 1616.

Here is where it starts:

Seems to be mostly about indians. But I have found mentioned Francisca Suarez de Ibarra, Antonio Siordia, Sebastian Perez de Frias married to an indian, Mateo Sandoval, and Alonso Gomez Garay thus far.

Here is Mateo Sandoval and Alonso Gomez Garay

You can find the other names between the two images I have linked. My spanish is not so good, so please let me know if anything useful pops out of this!


Matheo Vasquez de Sandoval

bottom right

Alonso Gomez Garay

Luis Benavides

Antonio Siordia and Alonso Gomez Garay bottom right

Juan Hijar, Carlos Lomelin, Luis Benavides, Antonio Siordia, right side

Juan Iniguez, bottom left
Alonso Gomez Garay bottom right

Juan Iniguez bottom left

Sebastian Perez de Frias right side

Sebastian Perez de Frias whole page

Juan de Hijar and wife Agueda de Lara bottom right

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