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Accepting lookups for Los protocolos de Rodrigo Hernández Cordero, 1585-1591 : escribano público de Guadalajara

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By 245luigi - Posted on 14 August 2018

For about 3 weeks I have Los protocolos de Rodrigo Hernández Cordero, 1585-1591 : escribano público de Guadalajara by Jorge Palomino y Cañedo. It is a transcription with additional notes for the notary Rodrigo Hernandez Cordero who practiced in Guadalajara.

Here is the index:

Sorry for the out of order pages. Let me know if you need anything looked up.

Thank you so much, Alex!

It appears p. 291 is missing. Could you please add that? Gracias.

Which Alonso de Rubalcava is this? Is this the one born about 1540 in Mexico City and married to the mentioned Beatriz Lopez de Fuenllana? He's my direct ancestor. I'd love to see this information as well. Gracias!

I would so much appreciate the pages for:

Zaldivar, pp. 47-59, 61, 102, 208, 212
Villafuerte, pp. 93-95
de Vera, p. 248
Vaca, pp. 115, 240
Santacruz, p. 5
Serrano, p. 256
Rubalcava, pp. 153-155, 267-268
Perez de Onate, p. 208
Mier, p. 13
Lopez del Castillo, pp. 9-11, 66, 78, 119, 138, 172, 179-180
Leal, p. 161
Ladron, p. 54
Gonzalez de Hermosillo, p. 227
Fernandez, pp. 204, 224, 237
Delgadillo, pp. 11-12, 14, 128, 180, 220, 255-257
Cornejo, pp. 14, 23, 75-77, 140, 226, 232-234, 253, 263, 273
Carvajal, pp. 36, 39-40, 90, 201, 204-205, 239, 242
Bracamonte, pp. 196, 206, 223-226, 245

I know it's a lot so if you can even do just some of this I would be in your debt. Thank you very much!

Hi Alex,

Could you please look up

Hernán Flores, 25, 188, 218, 219, 274

Leonardo Fregoso, 72

Hernando Medel, 257

Don Antonio Mendoza, 40

Don Alvaro Ornelas, Lorenzo Alvarez & Doña Agustina Viera 158

Juan de Puelles, 114, 142

Don Francisco Rodriguez Ponce, 222


Thank you so much! Much appreciated.

-Bernardino Vasquez de tapia 239
-Ginés Vasquez de Mercado 191
-Agustina veira 158
-Juan baeza 153, 267
-Pedro Gutiérrez altamirano 176


Everyones requests have been uploaded.

Rick, you request was so big I only took pictures of the actual page numbers you posted. This is the actual page the name appears; however, in some cases you may need context and require the whole entry. If so please let me know with the name and page number you need. Also, the whole index is there, just out of order. The page you need is near the end of the main folder.

Please share any discoveries! :)

Yes, it's the one married to Beatriz Lopez de Fuenllana, who are also my ancestors. Just go to Alex's link, and the folder is there.

I have the book until the beginning of october now

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is tremendous.
I'm still ploughing my way though these names, but I am a bit puzzled by something. I wonder if anyone else has info that could help provide context and clarification. This has to do with Francisco de Zaldivar Mendoza, beginning on p. 47.

In my records, I had Francisco's parents as Juan de Zaldivar y Onate and Marina de Mendoza and that he had eight siblings (sources: and Mil Familias III by Rodolfo Gonzalez de la Garza).

I'm confused by the language in part b. on that page: who is "Juan de Zaldivar el mayor", who states that he is the brother of Francisco? I know Francisco had 2 brothers named Juan: Juan de Zaldivar y Onate and Juan de Zaldivar y Mendoza. (He refers to them as his brothers on p. 52 10 lines from the bottom of the page, where he also called Juan de Zaldivar Onate the "alcalde mayor desta provincia de Tamazula.") But I don't know which of these this Juan is and who is older. Also, is the Juan de Zaldivar y Onate the same person before whom Juan appeared (referred to there as "Juan de Zaldivar Onate")? In other words, was one of Francico's 2 brothers named Juan also the Corregidor of Zapotlan? Since it says the brothers (hermanos) of Francisco signed, then it would make sense that both the Juan de Zaldivar el mayor and Juan de Zaldivar Onate were those two brothers. I have no information about either of those two brothers.

On p. 50, eight lines from the bottom of the page, Francisco refers to a Diego de Zaldivar, his cousin, three times. I have no information on him. The only Diego I know of is his father's brother, Diego de Zaldivar y Onate, born about 1546 in Mexico. Does anyone know to which Diego Francisco is referring?

Interesting, on p. 55, he refers to a Doctor Santiago del Riego, whom he wishes to be the principal executor (albacea) of his estate.
This was his brother-in-law by marriage to his sister, Ana. Fundadores de Nueva Galicia - Guadalajara - Tomo I, by Guillermo Garmendia Leal, p. 70.

In various places, Francisco refers to his sister Catalina as Catalina Maldonado. I have no info on her but presumably this was her married name? Anyone know?

(Francisco's father, Juan, is my 14th great-uncle.)

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