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Help with Aguascalientes Info Matri. list by George Fulton

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 13 August 2018


I have discovered George Fultons list of extracted Info Matrimoniales for Aguascalientes (open the tab for "Files" and then "Reference Materials" here in NR )- what a fantastic resource!

I can see there is an Antonio Villalpando de padre no conocido.

However, I cannot find the actual image.

There is no volume 1709, so I looked via the link 1708-1710 (for Aguascalientes Asuncion de Maria).

I must be looking in the wrong place but I have no idea where the right place is. Can anyone send me in the right direction?

This is the info from page 132 on George's list:

Volume 1709: image 224
13 Oct 1709
Groom: de Villalpando, Antonio (Espanol; ) Bride: Lopez, Ana (Espanola; )
Father: Padre no conosido Father: Lopes, Blas
Mother: de la O, Maria Mother: de Esparza, Getrudis
Former spouse: Former spouse:


I'm not sure how I am supposed to use the index but here's how I do it.

1. Open a film on FS.
2. Go to a random IM on the film.
3. Check the index and see if its in Vol 1709
4. Repeat until I land on one in Vol 1709.
5. Note image number in index.
6. Note image number of my wanted IM in index.
7. Find difference between image numbers in index.
8. Either add or subtract that many image numbers in FS.
9. You should find the one you are looking for!

I think FS changes how films are grouped sometimes. Its evident by this index, Katy's indexes and Claudia's. It stinks that they do that. But regardless the index's provide extremely good starting points to find the documents. Thank you for all of your work guys!

Hi Alex,

Yeah FS Changed the numbers when they began combining certain years. The new image number is 171. Here is the image:


Thanks 245Luigi!

Chris has kindly posted the direct link, but its nice to have a method to figure it out when the situation arises again!


Thanks Chris!

The link works fine!

I knew it very likely would not be the Antonio I was looking for, but I hated the thought of leaving a stone unturned...

Very lucky for me, the right Antonio Villalpando (married to Maria Chaire) turned up in a document listing the descendants of Thomas Villalpando, made by George Fulton and saved in a file folder here in NR, with all the proper citations so I can go to an image of the original.

The lesson I learned here is not to panic if the image number is wrong. I was not aware that FS had changed them, or at least some of them, but now I know better!

Did you use Alex (245luigi) method?



Thank you the kind words.

This project was done over a period of a couple of years. During that time Family Search reposted the films, and consequently the image numbers changed. This reduced the utility, but as Chris noted there is still a way to find the actual records.

I have looked at revisting the index with revised image numbers, but I have been working on a number of other projects, and have not gotten back to it.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Very clever! Thank you for posting this.


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