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Sebastiana Carvajal and Pedro Gutierrez

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By dcalonso - Posted on 08 August 2018

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

Does anyone know anything about Sebastiana Carvajal and Pedro Gutierrez?
I’m trying to figure out who their parents are. Sebastiana and Pedro
would’ve been born about 1675, probably in San Juan de los Lagos. Their
daughter Maria Gutierrez married Juan Macias Valadez, the son of Marcos
Macias Valadez and Maria de Ulloa.
Danny C. Alonso

Possible clue. A lot of time people with the exact same name tend to be related to other people with the exact same name and there are two Sebastiana Carvajal's and Pedro Gutierrez's in relatively the same time frame that are in some way connected to each other. Besides the married couple of Sebastiana Carvajal and Pedro Gutierrez, there is a Sebastiana Carvajal that is an In-Law to a Pedro Gutierrez, aka Gutierrez de Hijar y Mesa. Juana de Cuevas that married Juan Antonio Gutierrez in 1734, was the daughter of Ignacio de Cuevas and Sebastiana Carvajal, Juana de Cuevas' husband, Juan Antonio Gutierrez was the son of Pedro Gutierrez aka Gutierrez de Hijar y Mesa and Ursula de Ortega. It's possible that both Sebastiana's and Pedro's are related


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