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Fresnillo records 1700s

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 05 August 2018

Anyone have a link to records for Fresnillo in the early 1700's?



i dont know the answer to this question, but if you find out could you please post the information. there are several people who are looking for this information also. Also looking for late 1600s Fresnillo records too.

Hi Danny,

Yes, if I find Fresnillo records, of course I will post here in NR.!

Juan de el AGUILA, a person I am researching (trying to confirm or rule out if he is aka Sebastian de el Aguila) lived in FRESNILLO before he moved to ASIENTOS. This is noted in his record of marriage with Maria Lopez de Nava in 1724.

Dn Sebastian de el Aguila was married to Dna Maria Thereza LOPEZ DE NAVA and their son was Dn. Diego Xavier de el Aguila. In his info matr., Dn.Diego states that he is from Asientos and from another doc I read, I know that he had a house at Tepezala in 1759.

Are Juan de el Aguila and Sebastian de el Aguila the same person??? That is what I want to find out.

I am trying to find the info matrimonial for Dn. Sebastian de el Aguila and dna Maria Thereza Lopez de Nava, to see if he is identified as just Sebastian or Juan Sebastian and/or if he states he ever lived in Fresnillo. As for Maria Thereza, if she states that that she lived in HUEHUCAR that would also make it more likely she is the same woman mentioned in the marriage record for Juan de el Aguila and Maria Lopez de Nava in 1724.

However, before I begin a search for Fresnillo records, I am going to look through more info matr from Asientos. So far I have covered all of 1723 and early 1724. No luck. Sebastian applied for marriage somewhere else, or else long before 1724, and so maybe is not the same as the one from the 1724 marriage. So I may as well finish the roll of film. Never know what might turn up.



I'm looking for people that also appear in Asientos records but says they're from Fresnillo. they must be close. Right now I'm also looking for the marriage of Francisco de Calderon and Juana de Avalos y Villasenor who it says are from Fresnillo, but I can't find those records. based on their daughter's marriage, i'd guess they were married some time around 1690 or later.

Hi Denise,

I also have some pieces that may assist you, I have the following:

Diego Narciso López de Nava y Mayorga, son of Joaquín López de Nava and Josefa Romo de Vivar, born in Huejúcar (Calvillo, Aguascalientes) was married on 30 Sep 1748 in Asientos to Agustina Brigida Serrano Hernandez.

Josefa López de Nava y Mayorga is mentioned as the deceased wife of Antonio Serrano y Gentil Gallardo when he marries secondly to Inés de Avila y Elizalde on 2 Jan 1744. I am not sure who the parents of Josefa, but have her as a possible sister of Diego Narciso López de Nava, since both used Mayorga as well and was from Huejúcar both in the Asientos area.

Another sibling would be Andrés María López de Nava, baptized on 14 Mar 1728 in Las Pilas, Asientos, Ags. who married Ana Catarina Lozano de Gardea y Castorena on 2 Jun 1754 in El Sagrario, Aguascalientes, Ags. Their children would marry into the Díaz de León and Rincón Gallardo families.

On another note, yet related, I also have the following baptismal record:

Pedro Nolasco López de Nava y de la Aguila baptized on 4 Mar 1749 in Tabasco, Zacatecas, just west of Calvillo (Huejúcar). He was the son of Gabriel López de Nava and Josefa de la Aguila.

The church at Calvillo was built in the early 1770s, most people would have gone to Tabasco, records start in 1747. This Gabriel is probably a son of Gabriel López de Nava y Mayorga and Nicolasa de Valenzuela y Soto. Gabriel and Nicolasa are a key couple in the region of Tabasco, Calvillo, and Jalpa. I have 15+ dispensas, several marriage and baptism records that all lead back to this couple.

Daniel MdTC

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the info! Especially about Calvillo, Huehucar and Tabasco!

Could you send me the link for the image of Pedro's baptism, if you have it?

I had seen Pedro Nolascos name in indexed records (the baptism) and then also his parents names in the death record of his sister Juana (who was married to Joseph Romo de Vivar) - and noted the Aguila connection. I'd like to see who the padrinos were for Pedro's baptism. It's interesting to note the presence of the Aguilas in Zacatecas - yet another place to look for the information I need.

I suspect that Diego de el AGUILA's mother (Dna Maria Thereza LOPEZ DE NAVA) is the sister of Gabriel Lopez de Nava, and if I can make that link it would be great since that family (Gabriel's) is well-documented several generations back from there by Danny C. Alonso and others. The key is finding the Info Matr for Dn Sebastian de el Aguila and Dna Maria Thereza Lopez de Nava. There is also an Antonio de Aguila who was a testigo at their marriage, and he had a daughter named Juana. They must be related to Diego but I dont know exactly how. Hope to find that out.


Hi Daniel

Thanks again for the information you provided here in your reply of 7 August 2018 to my post, “Fresnillo records 1700s” from 5 august 2018.

The names are very interesting! Trying to connect them with information I have. I re-read the IM for Diego Xavier de Aguila and Rosalia de Villalpando - it’s mostly about the case against him brought by the brothers of the other girl he had promised to marry (and had a child with). This girl’s name is PAULA MARGARITA LOPEZ DE NAVA. Here are the other names and relationships I was able to pull out of the records:

Image 312 - BERNARDINO - father of Paula - uses title Dn.
Image 335 - CORNELIO - sister of Paula - referred to as Lopez de Nava, and with the titles Dn. and Dna.
Image 341-342 - ANTONIO - brother of cornelio - referred to as Lopez de Nava and signs his name that way too. Addressed as Dn.
DIEGO XAVIER DE AGUILA is also in one place - image 13 - titled Dn. He and Paula are primos hermanos and the case is summed up on image 346.

Do have any idea how any of these Lopez de Nava connect up with the ones you know of from Huejucar?

Towards the end of the records - image 346 - there is a statement that all the Navas named in the case live in VALLE DE HUEJUCAR, from which Diego Xavier de Aguila was banished for a number of months.

Here is the link to the IM:
Here is the full citation:
"México, Aguascalientes, registros parroquiales, 1620-1962," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Asientos > Nuestra Señora de Belén > Información matrimonial 1754-1757 > image 310 of 640; parroquias Católicas, Aguascalientes (Catholic Church parishes, Aguascalientes).

Best Regards

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