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Baptism records

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By sarge98 - Posted on 31 July 2018

I am in the process of researching baptism records on Ancestry from the Asuncion de Maria Catholic church in Aguascalientes.

Several signatures keep reoccurring on multiple records and I am wondering if these individuals are the priests conducting the baptism or possibly local government officials or witnesses. Names are repeated in the text, on the left margin and at the bottom of each record.

Specifically, what appears to be the name "Francisco Narvaes" on the attached record would be the surname of my mother's ancestors. Is this the signature of the attending priest or is it the the name of some other official? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The baptism records will include the name of the child, its parents, and its padrinos or godparents; after 1800, grandparents' names are included in most parishes. Previous to 1821 (independence), the "casta" or ethnicity of the child & parents are also included.

The signature on the bottom right of each entry is usually that of the cleric who performed to baptism, or of the "Notario Publico" ("Notary Public"), or of the "Notario Nombrado" ("interim notary"). In this case, it is of Bachiller Francisco Narvaez, who was given permission by the parish priest, Doctor Don Vicente Antonio Flores Alatorre, to baptize the children. His signature appears on the bottom left of each entry.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thanks so much Manny! I find that the term "bachiller" generally translates as a person with a degree of "bachelor", but it can also have the honorific title of "secular priest". I assume that this is the meaning used in the baptism record. Does this title also imply that Senor Narvaez may have been some sort of minor governmental official? Also, do you happen to have any historical or genealogical information regarding Senor Narvaez? Thanks again.

Mike Dickey

He's just a priest. He's almost certainly connected to this Narvaez family of Aguascalientes and Jalisco:áez-Family-Tree-41

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