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Another Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor

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By mendezdetorres - Posted on 24 July 2018

Follow researchers,

I have an Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor married to Isabel Ramírez de los Hinojos on 27 Dec 1683 in Aguascalientes. Isabel is the daughter of my ninth great granduncle, Juan Alonso de los Hinojos and his wife Isabel Ramírez. Textually, the marriage records literally states:

27 de diciembre de 1683 - Hacienda del Tíguere
Andrés Martín vesino de la jurisdicción de la villa de Lagos haviendo presentado la licentia por escrito de su paroco con Isabel Ramírez vesina de esta jurisdicción hija lexítima de Juan Alonso de los Hinojos ya difunto y Ysabel Ramírez. Testigos Nicolás Macías, don Gonzalo de Villaseñor y Miguel Días.

Andrés and Isabel had at least two daughters I can document:
1. Antonia who married my eighth grand uncle, Ignacio Díaz López de Tiscareño on 12 Dec 1707 in Ciénega de Mata, there record declares the following:

Ciénega de Mata, 12 de diciembre de 1707
Ignacio Díaz López, español, originario de la villa de Aguascalientes, hijo legítimo de Joseph Díaz y Xacinta de Ortega, españoles con Antonia Martínez, hija legítima de Andrés Martín y de Isabel Ramírez, españoles, ya difunta y no los velé por pasar mucho tiempo. Testigos: Antonio de Acosta y Tomás de la Fuente Padilla sin muchos otros que se hallaron presentes. Padrinos: Luis Martín y Francisca Muñoz. Br. Carlos de Andrade Sotomayor.

2. María de San Juan "Juana" married to Francisco Ponce de Briones of San Luis Potosí, their marriage record reads:

Ciénega de Mata, 12 de diciembre de 1707
Francisco Ponce, español, originario de San Luis Potosí, asistente en la Ciénega de Mata, de dos años a esta parte, hijo legítimo de Juan de Briones y Agustina Ponce con María San Juan, española, hija legítima de Andrés Martín y de Isabel Ramírez, ya difunta. Testigos: Antonio de Acosta y Tomás de la Fuente Padilla. Padrinos: Bartolomé Ballín y Bernarda Palomino. Br. D. Carlos de Sarmiento Sotomayor.

Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor would later marry (just discovered this record tonight) María Sarmiento de Palomino who most likely has ties to the same family Sarmiento y Palomino of Guanajuato and Michoacán (that's another story). The record states:

Hacienda de la Limpia Concepción, Ciénega del Rincón, 6 noviembre 1707

Andrés Martín, español, vecino de la Ciénega de Mata, viudo de Isabel Ramírez, con María Sarmiento y Palomino, originaria de la villa de Santa María de los Lagos y vecina de la Hacienda de la Ciénega de Mata, de un año, a esta parte. Testigos: Nicolás Valadés, sin otros muchos que se hallaron presentes. Padrinos: Andrés Martín de Sotomayor y doña Elvira de Aldrete. Br. D. Carlos de Andrade y Sotomayor.

Questions I have:

1. Who could the parents of this Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor be? Both marriage records ignores his parent's identity.
2. Is the padrino Luis Martín of Ignacio and Antonia's marriage a relative?
3. The padrino Andrés Martín de Sotomayor is obviously another Andrés and a contemporary, how is he related? Could it be his father?
4. Is Bachiller D. Carlos de Andrade y Sotomayor, who presided at all these marriages be a relative?
5. Could Elvira de Aldrete (whom I had no prior knowledge of) be a daughter or granddaughter of Diego de Aldrete, born in Torrelobotón, Valladolid, Castilla and patriarch of the Aldrete family and his wife Elvira de Padilla Delgadillo aka Elvira Delgadillo, residents of Teocaltiche?

There is also another of whom I descend, Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor married to Beatriz de Mayorga y López de Nava ca. 1675 and would have been residents of the Jalpa-Tabasco-Valle de Huejúcar (Calvillo) area. I discovered this couple through some marriages and various dispensas. Throwing pieces up in the air and trying to piece all the clues together. How do all these three Andrés Martínez de Sotomayor fit in the family tree?

Any help is appreciated!

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino


The answer to question 1 is Andres Martin de Sotomayor that's married to Isabel Ramirez is the son of Nicolas Martin de Sotomayor and Maria de Alarcon, daughter of Miguel Martinez de Alarcon and Josefa Bautista de Ruvalcaba, I descend from this couple too.

Question 2, Luis Martin could be the son of Nicolas Martin de Sotomayor and Ana Ramirez, the sister of your Isabel Ramirez.

Question 3 I don't know.

Question 4, probably. Carlos de Andrade y Sotomayor presides over other Sotomayor marriages too, including my ancestors Antonia Martin de Sotomayor and Antonio de Aranda, son of Salvador Aranda and Maria Vanegas.

Question 5 I don't know.

I have some questions too.

you mention Andres Martin de Sotomayor and Beatriz de Mayorga y Lopez de Nava, who I also descend from. Where does the Lopez de Nava come from?

Also do you know who the parents are of Miguel Martinez de Alarcon?

Hi Danny,

Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I feel the more we research and share, the more we grow our own knowledge and of course extend our tree. The información matrimonial is an excellent find for Andrés as it clearly states his parentage.

As for Luis Martínez and María de Alarcón, I cannot locate any additional information. Based on the timeline and place, wouldn't he need to be a son of Andrés Martín-Camacho and María de las Ruelas or at least one of the older grandsons? Do we have a record that declares this María de Alarcón as the daughter of Miguel Martínez de Alarcón and Juana Bautista González de Rubcalcaba? As you probably know, the couple did baptized a María Martínez de Alarcón on 18 Mar 1640 in Teocaltiche.

Have you been able to document additional children for Luis and María?

I deepened my search on Carlos de Andrade Sotomayor. There are a few in Mexico City, probably all related, but I found the "Méritos y Servicios" in PARES for the priest. It declares his limpieza de sangre, nobleza and clearly identifies him as "originario de Ponteverde en los Reinos de Galicia" y "nieto materno de D. Balthazar de Siqueiros Sotomayor, caballero de Santiago y Conde de Pliégos." Although an interesting find, it is safe to say there is no immediate relation to the house of Martínez de Sotomayor, but was by coincidence that he presided over all these marriages.

There are numerous dispensas for the Martínez de Sotomayor and López de Nava families. I'll need to pull them and post those pieces here in a bit.

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino

Hi Daniel,

This is the IM for Nicolas Martin de Sotomayor cc Maria de Alarcon, Jan 1657, San Matias Pinos.

In 1667, Nicolas Martin was listed as mayordomo of the hacienda de Tecuan of Juan Rincon de Vivar, in Cienega de Mata.

#5 Elvira de Alderete is likely Elvira Padilla de Hermosillo (born ca 1670, Teocaltiche), hija de Diego Alonso de Hermosillo cc Juana de Alderete, and 2nd wife of Juan Dominguez de Reyna.

The Martin/ez de Sotomayor of Nueva Galicia descend from Andres Martin Barriga and Maria de las Ruelas, aka Maria de Sotomayor. Descendants also used the compound surname “Martin/ez de las Ruelas.”

Maria de las Ruelas was sister of Jacinta de Sotomayor cc Pedro de Castañeda, and of Margarita de las Ruelas cc Blas Gomez Nieto (from whom descend the Gomez de las Ruelas & Gomez de Sotomayor families). Apparently, the Ruelas & Sotomayor girls originated in Teocaltiche; Maria and Jacinta migrated with their husbands & kids to Sierra de Pinos around 1619. The surnames “Ruelas” and “Sotomayor” appear to be matrilineal in nature, and were used by female descendants of these families throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries, regardless of paternal surnames.

Andres Martin Camacho de Sotomayor cc Beatriz Mayorga was son of Andres Martin Camacho de Sotomayor cc Maria de Islas y Moctezuma; Andres Martin Camacho de Sotomayor was son of Andres Martin Barriga cc Maria de las Ruelas. This is the only branch of this family who uses the compound surname “Martin/ez Camacho.”

Regarding Isabel Ramirez’s background, I started a thread on the Alonso de los Hinojos, found here:

Hope that helps!
Manny Diez Hermosillo


Could you please link the IM you discussed in the beginning? Looks like the wrong one is attached.


The following might be a son of Andres and Isabel as it was attached to an Andres de Sotomayor and Isabel that was created by jholcombe231487 in 2012 and detached by another user who entered the following marriage. There are several children but no marriage record to confirm.
Juan Martin de Sotomayor LDH5-PCX cc Francisca Xaviera Picaso (see K82D-D1X for detached info)

The following Joseph according to the IM is andres and ysabel’s child.
Joseph Martin de Sotomaior LBXX-JZC cc Josepha Munos de Naba

That's what happens when you split screens!

Manny Diez Hermosillo

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