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Another Hernando Flores de la Torre

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By mendezdetorres - Posted on 22 July 2018

Does anyone have this Hernando Flores de la Torres linked up to the main branch of the family?

I have a Hernando Flores de la Torre married to Gertrud's de Ornelas baptizing the following children all in Teocaltiche:

1. Gertrudis - 19 Mar 1675
2. María - 12 Nov 1676
3. Lugarda - 20 Sep 1682
4. Josefa - 25 May 1684
5. Cayetano - 16 Sep 1687
6. Catalina - 14 Sep 1689

In my notes, I have Gertrudes Ornelas as a possible daughter of Gerónimo de Ornelas y Mendoza and his wife María Rubio.

Best Regards,

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Hi Daniel,

I wonder if this Hernando Flores is the same as the Hernán Flores de la Torre Álvarez de Sandi who may have been married previously to Juana de Aguilar Salado.

There also seems to be another Hernando Flores de la Torre cc Sebastiana López vecinos of Teocaltiche in the 1640s. I have three sons in my notes. Cristobal, Juan, and Roque. Roque married Andrea de Ávalos y Quesada, daughter of Gaspar and Luisa. Their daughter Maria Flores de la Torre married Andres Flores Flores in Teocaltiche. He was the son of Francisco Flores and Ana Francisca Flores vecinos of Jalostotitlan. Have you come across any information about these folks? Thanks!


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