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Orozco Villasenor Sisters in 1600s Jalostotitlan & Tepatitlan

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By richardibarra92 - Posted on 21 July 2018

Hi all,

I’m hoping to start some conversation about two Orozco-Villasenor sisters and a possible third who seem to have lived around Jalostotitlan and Tepatitlan in the early 1600s.

The first is Petronila de Orozco Villasenor cc Alvaro de Ornelas Mendoza el Mozo. They are the progenitors of the Ornelas-Villasenor family. A 1716 dispensa for her great-grandson Juan Antonio Ornelas Pastra cc Feliciana Sanchez Camacho identifies a sister for Petronila.

The tree looks like this:

Petronila de Orozco -1- Maria de Orozco
Nicolas Ornelas -2- Lucas Sanchez de Mendoza
Pedro Ornelas -3- Feliciana Sanchez (pretensa)
Juan Antonio Ornelas (pretenso) -4- (N/A)

This Maria de Orozco Villasenor was married to Jose Sanchez de Mendoza, the son of Maria Sanchez de Mendoza and grandson of Juan Sanchez de Lara and Martha Sanchez de Mendoza. They had a number of children who lived around Jalostotitlan and San Juan de los Lagos.
Another dispensa from 1761 may identify another sister. It is a dispensation for Manuel Geronimo Cervantes Leonel and Micaela Antonia Vanegas. The only problem is the tree as given seems to be missing a generation. Here is the tree as given by Dn Jose Gomez Hurtado de Mendoza, 56 years old:

Jose Sanchez -1- Jose Cervantes I
Maria Sanchez -2- Jose Cervantes II
J. Manuel Vanegas -3- Jose Cervantes III
Micaela Antonia Vanegas -4- Manuel Geronimo Cervantes

Comparing this tree with other records of this family, things don’t seem to add up. For one Jose Manuel Vanegas was the son of Gaspar Vanegas de Torres cc Maria Sanchez de Orozco and Jose Cervantes I was the son of Leonel de Cervantes and Leonor de Orozco. I did not know the parents of Maria Sanchez de Orozco, but it does not make sense that her father is the child of Leonel de Cervantes and Leonor de Orozco.

It seems to me that the testigo made the two primos hermanos just hermanos (lucky for us, since a parentesco en quinto grado doesn’t need a dispensa). I would argue that it makes more sense, then, to place Jose Sanchez (the father of Maria Sanchez de Orozco) as the son of Jose Sanchez de Mendoza and Maria de Orozco Villasenor. The revised tree would look like this:

Maria Orozco -1- Leonor Orozco
Jose Sanchez -2- Jose Cervantes I
Maria Sanchez -3- Jose Cervantes II
J. Manuel Vanegas -4- Jose Cervantes III
Micaela Antonia Vanegas -5- Manuel Geronimo Cervantes

That would make Leonor Orozco cc Leonel de Cervantes a sister of Petronila de Orozco Villasenor cc Alvaro de Ornelas and Maria de Orozco Villasenor cc Jose Sanchez de Mendoza. What do you all think? With all that said, does anyone have any idea who the parents of Petronila, Maria, and possibly Leonor might be? I am also interested in any other information about Leonel de Cervantes that anyone might have.


I descend from Petronila Orosco Villaseñor and Alvaro Ornelas el Mozo. Thank you tocayo for identifying her siblings. Hopefully your findings lead to their parents.

Maria de Orozco Villasenor and Jose Sanchez de Mendoza, are the parents of at least two children. Their son Melchor Sanchez de Mendoza is married on 15/May/1687 in Tepatitlán, Jalisco to Isabel Gutierrez De Hermosillo (daughter of Sebastian Gutierrez De Hermosillo Aceves and Maria Galindo (aka Becerra). A second son is Lucas Sanchez De Mendoza married to Josefa Camacho Riquelme.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

I don't know anything about these families but I see a mention of Ornelas and Mendoza and was wondering if anyone knows the parents of Jose de Ornelas y Mendoza that was born about 1650 and married to Melchora Perez de Frias. I'm thinking it may be Alvaro de Ornelas and Petronila de Orozco.


I am not sure who the parents of José de Ornelas married to Melchora Pérez de Frías are. Based on the timeline and place and the fact the surname Villaseñor plays a key role in this line (see below) it almost requires him to be the son of Alvaro de Ornelas y Hurtado de Mendoza and Petronila de Orozco, but anything is possible. He does have two sons that used the surname "Ornelas y Villaseñor" which a nice clue for us. I have the following children all baptized and/or married in Teocaltiche:

1. Bernardo de Ornelas y Villaseñor married on to María Gabriela Sánchez Carrillo on 23 May 1731.

2. Luis de Ornelas y Villaseñor, baptized on 24 Jan 1677 and present marriage information on 22 Jun 1708 to marry Matiana Ruiz de la Fuente y Ulloa, daughter of Antonio Ruiz de la Fuente and Mariana de Ulloa.

3. José baptized on 17 Oct 1681. Melchora uses Pérez [de Frías]

4. Felipe baptized on 9 Sep 1683 - Melchora uses Pérez [de Frías]

5. Gerónimo baptized on 18 Aug 1686 - Melchora uses Sotomayor

6. María baptized on 1 Jan 1689. - Melchora uses "de los Reyes"

I have not found documentation to establish the parentage of Melchora, but we know she used Reyes, Sotomayor and Pérez/Pérez de Frías which makes me believe she is the daughter of Diego Pérez de Frías and Elena de Sotomayor. This couple baptizes one daughter, possibly the youngest. I can document Gertrudis on 12 Apr 1674 in Teocaltiche. Can anyone substantiate this or share any possible clues to this?

This line is close to me as I descend from Álvaro de Ornelas and Petronila de Orozco, thru their son Andrés de Ornelas y Mendoza and his wife María de las Nieves Sánchez de Mendoza, my 9th great grandparents. If you follow the line down to me, you'll run into the line that relocated to Real y Minas de Guanajuato.

Always more to research,

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Through a marriage dispensation we know that Melchora Perez de Frías is a daughter of Diego Pérez de Frías and Elena de Sotomayor.

Rick A. Ricci

Confirmed on 31 Dec 1666, in Teocaltiche, was Melchora de los Rs hija de Pedro Ps y de Elena de Sotomayor. Left image:

Jose de Ornelas and Melchora de los Reyes also appear in the 1681 Teocaltiche padron, living in the household of Diego Perez and Elena de Sotomayor.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thank you Rick and Manny! This solidifies the connection: the confirmation, padrón and dispensa. Do you think "de los Reyes" is more of a personal name in this case or can we follow Melchora's genealogy to link this as a surname? Rick would you have more information on the dispensa you mentioned, I would like to analyze it.


Daniel MdTC

You’re welcome, Daniel. “Melchora de los Reyes” was apparently an ancestral name that was handed down in various alteña families. I think Holcombe traced the name back to Rodrigo de Carvajal y Ulloa and Melchora de los Reyes, who would be the progenitor in Los Altos. Their daughter, also Melchora de los Reyes, married Luis Delgadillo de Frias, from whom descend the Delgadillo de Frias and Perez de Frias. Most holders of the name would alternate between “Melchora de los Reyes” and “Melchora + surname/s.”


Miguel Ornelas cc Juana Gertrudis Tejeda: establishes Nicolas Perez Sotomayor & Melchora Perez are siblings:
Bernardo Ornelas Villasenor cc Ma Gabriela Sanchez Carrillo: confirms that Melchora is hija de Elena de Sotomayor.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

This is great information. Thanks everyone. Manny, do you know how Melchora Perez de Frias descends from Luis Delgadillo de Frias and Melchora de los Reyes? If Melchora Perez de Frias is the daughter of Diego Perez de Frias and Diego is the son of Juan Perez de Frias and Ana Lopez, is Juan Perez de Frias the son of Luis Delgadillo de Frias and Melchora de los Reyes?

Dear Daniel,

Many years ago when discussing the Vasquez Baca you mentioned that Petronila de Orozco might be a sister of Leonor de Orozco married to Juan Alcalá. What made the connection for you and do you still believe they are sisters?

Thank you and everyone else for the information about the Ornelas descendants. I have some additional notes on Jose de Ornelas Mendoza that I will try to put together and share soon.


Dear Richard,

The Leonor Orosco that is married to Juan Alcala y Zamora does not have Cervantes as part of her surname. She is a descendant of Diego Orosco Tovar and Ana De Mejia ((Mexia). I also descend from them. This Diego is a brother to Capitán Juan De Villaseñor Orosco that is married to Catalina Cervantes.

This Leonor Orosco is the daughter of Juan Lucas Morcillo and Isabel Orosco.(daughter of Pedro Hernandez De Aguilera and Beatriz Orozco y Tovar) ( Beatriz is the daughter of Diego Orosco De Tovar and Ann

I misunderstood your earlier post. My misunderstooding was that Petronila had a sibling with the surname Cervantes, but you wrote that it is the wife of Leonel Cervantes, Leonor Orosco, that is the sibling of Petronila; so we are still left wondering which of the Villaseñor brothers is the ancestor to these sisters.
Rick A. Ricci

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