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El Santo Oficio y los descendientes del Comendador Leonel Cervantes

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 19 July 2018

Hola prim@s,

While going through the Procesos del Santo Oficio de Mexico, 1522-1820, I found several limpiezas de sangre for descendants of the Comendador D Leonel Cervantes cc Da Leonor de Andrada, and of their son-in-law, D Juan de Cervantes Casaus. I do not descend from these families (that I yet know of), so I know very little about them. But I thought I might share these here, since I know many of you do, and they’re a super useful resource.

The Inquisicion archives are not all criminal cases: limpiezas were required whenever a person was named to certain posts, be it royal or ecclesiastical. For generations, these same families maintained posts throughout Nueva España, so there are several limpiezas.

These are my rough notes; I haven’t read through all of these folders, and in some cases, I saved it because of the surnames, “Cervantes” & “Andrada.” That said, my knowledge of the contents, and of these families in general, is very limited, and I’m afraid I can answer no questions in regards. Instead, please feel free to use this thread for open discussion, and to share any discoveries you make with these links.

Addition notes:
- I only research records from the 16th & early-17th centuries, so there will be more, in later centuries, if you want to continue looking. The archives are very well-indexed, which can be found on the first 3 rolls.
- Though some of these do reach back to Spain, I don’t think they reveal any earlier ancestors, but they will help unravel the tangle of various lines who descend from these couples, and the families they intermarried with, since wives’ limpiezas are usually included.
- I try to include links to the index and to the original document. In some cases, it might be one or the other.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Alo Fernandez Bonilla nombra a Juan Cervantes 1594
Investigacion si Juan Cervantes es hijo de Juan Cervantes y Luisa de Lara 86/13
Juan de Cervantes 86/74
BEATRIZ DE ANDRADA cc Francisco Velasco hno del virrey
Juramiento de Francisco Cervantes Salazar
INDEX Alonso Valdes y Luisa Cervantes, Gaspar Valdes y Luisa Lara Cervantes 1593
Alonso Valdes cc Luisa Cervantes 1593 very damaged/torn pages
Bro of Gaspar Valdes cc Lusia de Lara Cervantes
Francisco Cervantes bro de Juan Cervantes im679
Maesto Juan de Cervantes arcediano de la Catedral de Mexico y gobernador del Arzobipado
Limpieza de Leonel Cervantes Caravajal 1618  320/382
(Bro of Luisa Cervantes cc Alonso Valdes)
LIMPIEZA Juan Cervantes Causus
Contra Baltasar Cervantes Alguacil Mayor de Tlaxcala  1597 216/25
sobrino de Gonzalo Gomez Cervantes
INDEX nombramiento de Juan Cervantes calificador
Leonel Cervantes Carvajal arcediacono de la catedral
Juan Cervantes Casaus Familar 386/10
Capp Gonzalo Gomez Cervantes Mexia y Carvajal para familiar 444/313
Fray Alonso Valdes HL Regidor Alonso Valdes cc Luisa Cervantes
Doctor Francisco Cervantes
Almoneda de los bienes de Juan de Cervantes 74/6
Regidor Alonso Gomez de Cervantes y Pedro Vasquez de Avila  84/35
Limpieza de Nicolas Gomez Cervantes 575/1

So, I saw Manny’s post on the Santo Oficio and decided to take a look for myself. I found a proceso against Diego Flores, encomendero de Juchipila. I did not read it thoroughly, but some of the testimony includes the following intriguing details: an accusation of murder, veneno mortífero en la comida, and an hechicera.

Diego Flores of Juchipila is mentioned in a couple of threads out there (1, 2). I think this may be him.


Oh no! He's my direct ancestor. But this is great work, Manny. Thank you for posting all this information which will help so many people with their research.

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