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Domingo Camarena / 1650 Padron for Jalostotitlán

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By mralvarez314 - Posted on 12 July 2018

I am working on my Camarena line and I am stuck at Domingo Camarena and Maria Gonzalez. I read that the Camarenas appear in the 1650 padron for Jalostotitlán. I found other padrones for Jalostotitlán, but not the one for the year 1650.

Does anyone know where I can find it or where I can find other records or clues to continue my Camarena line?

Any assistance given would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


I THINK you are looking for the padrones in this book

That's right. Sergio Gutiérrez used them for his book. I want to see images of the originals for myself and was wondering if they can be found on FamilySearch somewhere.

Gotchya. According to "Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic United States" by Lyman Platt the 1650 Jalostitlan Census can be found at the Archivo del Arzobispado de Guadalajara, Mexico and is not in Family Search

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