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Agustin de Cordoba and Ines Martinez Calvillo

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By dcalonso - Posted on 07 July 2018

Im wondering if anyone has this couple Agustin de Cordoba and Ines Martinez Calvillo in their tree. They were married on Nov 6 1673 and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about them or their parents.

Hi Danny,

I don’t have this couple in my tree, but here are a couple of leads:

Agustin de Cordoba and Ynes Martinez Calvillo were mulatos libres. As you know, in a lot of cases, Mulatos took on the surnames of the families they worked for. During that era, there was a hacendado in Ags named Luis de Cordoba, as well as a family named Martinez Calvillo. I don’t know anything about Luis de Cordoba, but the Martinez Calvillo appear to descend from Joseph Martinez Calvillo cc Magdalena Gomez, who lived previously in San Felipe Gto and in Marfil Gto; they appear in Aguascalientes in the 1650s, and had about 10 children. I’ve also seen this surname in Zamora, Mich, though I haven’t been able to link them.

Agustin might come from Luis de Cordoba’s hacienda. Ynes Martinez Calvillo, on the other hand, is surely linked to the Martinez Calvillo, as a daughter (legitimate or illegitimate) or as a criado (or child of a criado). I mention Joseph Calvillo cc Magdalena Gomez in this thread:

Looking at their marriage record, are the testigos Tomas de Lira and Joseph de los Santos? If so, they both had ties to Chinampas in Cienega de Mata, Ojuelos, Jal. The Lira’s were servants on Chinampas, you might wanna dig around there.

I hope that helps, and good luck!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

This is really great information, Manny. Thank you so much. I've now looked at that couple Joseph Martinez Calvillo and Magdaleno Gomez and it definitely looks like Joseph Martinez Calvillo or one of his kids is the illegitimate father of Ynes Martinez Calvillo.

Hola Danny:

Yo también tengo una abuela llamada Victoria de Córdoba que nació el 16 de enero de 1746 en Ciénega de Mata, Ojuelos, Jalisco. Era hija de Atanasio de Córdoba nacido en 1724 en Encarnación y de María Hermenegilda de los Dolores Martínez.

Muy cerca de Encarnación había una zona llamada "de las negritas" en donde había familias de personas negras. También en Ciénega de Mata había cientos de esclavos, por lo que en esa zona había población mulata.

Hay varios libros sobre los descendientes que mencionan sus linajes, se mencionan en el artículo Esclavos o Libres, en el blog Historias y Recuerdo de Encarnación, tal vez te sirva.



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