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Book about the Reynoso lineage

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By Leon de Tejada - Posted on 04 July 2018

A few months ago my book about the Reynoso was made available in Amazon and it includes a chapter about Nueva Galicia. Here is the link if someone is interested.

Best regards,

Dear Rick:

I am convinced of what you say, rock solid. I will answer later to your very interesting comments! I have had problems accessing NR and I do not know how can I check my Private Messages (mea culpa). If it is not much of a bother, can you send me your address to this e-mail account:

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Dear Eric,
I sent you an email that shows Rui Alvarez Rodriguez De Escobar Señor de Escobar e Autillo De Campos’s ancestral lines from the following four kings.
Alphonso IX king of Leon
Sancho IV king of Castilla and Leon
Sancho I king of Portugal
Louis IX “the saint” King of France + Marguerite De Provence.

There is also more royal ancestral lines, as he also descends from Fernando De la Cerda, “principe heredero de Leon y Castilla” infante De Castilla, son of Alfonso X el sabio Rey De Castilla y León and Violante de Aragon (Daughter of James I, Rey De Aragon, and Violante De Hungría.)

He also descends from the king of Hungary as Violante is the daughter king Andras II of Hungary.

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci
Source my book mygenes2000

1) Henry II king of England + Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

2) Leanor Plantagenet + Alphonso VII “el bueno” Rey de Castilla

3) Berengaria Alfonsa reina de Castilla, + Alfonso IX Rey de Leon

4) Princess Berengaria Alfonses + Jean I De Brienne

5) Alphonse d’ Acre de Brienne + Marie De Lusignan

6) Jean III De Brienne + Beatrix De Chatillon

7) Mahalda De Brienne + Alphonso “el desheredado” de la Cerda.

8). Inés Alonso De la Cerda + Fernando Rodriguez de Villalobos

9). María Fernández Sra. de Villalobos + Pedro Alvarez Osorio

I descend from King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine many times, from many lines of descent, so I was not surprised to find this ancestry.

The big surprise was to find that an ancestor of Rui Alvarez De Escobar is King Stephen I Of England. King Stephen is featured prominently in a story of another ancestor of mine (through my De la Torre Ledesma line) that was five or six years old when king Stephen threatened to kill him if his father did not surrender. But my ancestor’s father said that he still had an anvil and a hammer to make another son and that he was not going to surrender. Thank God that the king did not kill the boy, my ancestor, who grew up to be the greatest knight of his time. Not only was he the greatest knight of all time, he was an important figure in the history of England. The boy’s future wife is the greatest contributor to my small % of Irish ancestry.
Rick A. Ricci
Source: book mygenes2000

Dear Erik,

There are two Conde Pedro Alvarez Osorios. Conde Pedro Alvarez Osorio Señor de Villalobos and his great grandfather Conde Pedro Alvarez Osorio Señor de Valderas that are mixed up and combined in secondary sources. Mixing up these two Conde Pedro Alvarez Osorios led to the confusion over the timeline. The second Conde Pedro Alvarez De Osorio even had a son that was also named Pedro Alvarez Osorio. This new information fills in the gap in the timeline that you suspected. This new information also leads to more connections to other ancestors of Los Altos De Jalisco (Los Altos De Villanueva, Nueva Galicia). I am still processing all his new information.

Rick A. Ricci
Source: book My Genes 2000

Dear Erik,
I have had A couple tweaks that I wanted to share with you but you haven’t responded to my emails.

One of the tweaks has to do with a family member of the Ruiz De Esparza family. You named Miguel Esparza in the family tree without the Ruiz surname. Miguel Ruiz De Esparza was related to Lope Ruiz de Esparzas ancestors. They come from the same Ruiz De Esparza family. I have not been able to identify the exact relationship, but Lope Ruiz de Esparza’s great great grandfather was a close cousin of Miguel Ruiz De Esparza.

The second tweak has to do with quote of yours of Mariano Gonzalez Leal. Mariano names an ancestor of ours from our Padilla family as having a surname slightly different than one that I have found in primary sources. I have not publicly identified this difference yet, but I explain the different surname in my book. This surname is not a common surname in Spain. I am still researching the history of this surname.

I believe that the father of Francisco de Reinoso y Neira (Neyla), Alcalde de Bornos, Tarifa y Alcalá de los Gazules en Andalucía is named as Antonio “ el mozo” Reinoso as you wrote in your book explaining that the information comes from a primary source. Another genealogist, Adolfo Salazar Mir, identified Francisco Reinoso y Neira’s sister’s father as not “Antonio Reinoso”, but as “Rodrigo Reynoso”. This identification also came from a primary source, a church record. The thing is that I believe that it may just be an another case of two people reading the same record, with confusion due to the possibility that the cursive writing of these names could look similar causing the confusion. Another reason possibly for the difference in names may be because this church record is a tree where Rodrigo is named as the “bisabuelo paterno materno” and the great granddaughter may have made the mistake. Francisca de Neira was identified as the great grandmother. The question remains, was the name “Antonio Reinoso” or “Rodrigo Reinoso” of our ancestor who is the father of Capitán Francisco de Reynoso y Neira. In order to clear this up, it is necessary that the original church record be re-examined. In the meantime I will identify him in my records as Antonio (Rodrigo) “el Mozo”Reinoso.

I have connected the Reynoso line to my Villaseñor and Fernandez De Velasco lines.

Rick A. Ricci
Source: book Mygenes2000

Source: my book Mygenes2000

Dear Rick:

I apologize for the late response, I wrote you about a week ago but is possible that is in the spam folder.
Regarding Rodrigo/Antonio de Mendoza, you are correct about being named also as Rodrigo. I have been trying to figure out his lineage without success, still, I think it is probable that the Mendoza line is related to a Francisco de Mendoza, Mayor of Tarifa and also related to Beatriz de Rivera y Mendoza, wife of Pedro Enríquez, Lord of Tarifa.



Hi Rick,

I forgot to mention this. There is something that could leads us to figure out which line of the Mendoza we belong to. In the coat of arms of the Reynoso Mendoza the quartier representing the Mendoza line has 5 panelas instead of the arrangement of the COA that we commonly know:

""Sobre verde vi Mendozas / Traer su sanguínea banda / Unos traen diez panelas / Los otros AVE MARIA", refiriendo a las ramas de los descendientes del marqués de Santillana y a los de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza "el limpio""

Here is the coat of arms in the Reinoso Mendoza palace:

According to the study, the panelas could belong to the Almazán line of the Mendozas.

What do you think?



Dear Erik,

The Reynoso Mendoza have at least two lines of descent of Mendoza. It may be three as I see a strong possibility that one line of descent comes from a marriage of Mendoza cousins. If you look at the Escobar de Campos ancestral line that I posted you will see that for “4) Rui Fernandez De Escobar, Señor de Escobar y Campos + hija de uno De los señores de Villagarcia” I did not list the name of the wife. I only wrote that she was “hija de los señores de Villagarcia”. The señores de Villagarcia during this time period are surnamed Mendoza and one of them has a wife that descends from a different branch of the Mendozas.

Here is the Escobar Line that shows that shows descent from the señores de Villagarcia, presumably the Mendozas:

1) Fernan Escobar, Señor De Escobar (1st to use the surname Escobar) + Sancha De Castañeda. Both came from a long line of nobility. Fernan had many family noble surnames to choose from but took as his surname the name of his new title.
2) Rui Fernández de Escobar. Married twice. First marriage to Teresa Cisneros with no succession. He married a second time to Uracca Mayor Rodríguez de Villalobos.

The property “villa de Autillo” originally belonged to the Villalobos family but passed over to the Escobar family when Urraca Mayor Rodriguez De Villalobos married Rui Fernandez de Escobar. Rui and Urraca have two children, Rui Fernandez De Escobar, II Señor de Escobar, and Isabel De Escobar y Villalobos.

Isabel De Escobar y Rodriguez de Villalobos inherits from her mother the villa De Autillo and Rodrigo Fernandez De Escobar inherits an hacienda from his mother and the “casa De Escobar” from his father and becomes Señor de Escobar de Campos (3).

[Isabel Escobar y De Villalobos marries Martin Ruiz De Cisneros (Cifneros) and they are the progenitors of a Cisneros Escobar line. I have not collected more information on this line yet.]

3) Rodrigo Fernández de Escobar ( i Villalobos), Señor de Escobar de Campos + María de Tovar (although he did not inherit the Villa De Autillo from his mother, she did give him an hacienda.)
4) Rui Fernandez De Escobar, Señor de Escobar y Campos + hija de uno De los señores de Villagarcia
5) Fernan Rodríguez de Escobar, Señor de Escobar y Campos + María ALVAREZ de Barillas y Monroi (en Salamanca)
6) Alvaro Rodriguez De Escobar, Señor de Escobar y Campos + María Beatriz Osorio de Villalobos
7) Rodrigo (Rui) Alvarez De Escobar, Señor de Escobar de Campos (aka Rodrigo Rodriguez De Escobar)

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,
Rick A. Ricci

Alvaro Rodriguez De Escobar, Señor de Escobar y Campos + María Beatriz Osorio de Villalobos (the title Señor De Escobar de Campos e Autillo goes to Beatriz’s descendants ). Alvaro and Maria Beatriz are fourth cousins through the Villalobos ancestry. Her mother did not have brothers and that is why she was entitled to the title of “señora De Autillo”. A common ancestor of theirs, María Lopez De Haro, was a great granddaughter of Alfonso IX King of Leon.

Many genealogists erroneously claim that María Beatriz’s mother had brothers and connect their ancestry to her parents but that is not true. They could not be her brothers since the will of Maria Beatriz’s maternal grandmother states that she did not have sons to inherit the title.

Rick A. Ricci

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