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Book about the Reynoso lineage

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By Leon de Tejada - Posted on 04 July 2018

A few months ago my book about the Reynoso was made available in Amazon and it includes a chapter about Nueva Galicia. Here is the link if someone is interested.

Best regards,

Congratulations on your book. Look forward to reading it.
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you Rick; I pray you find it interesting. I look forward to yours, I have been reading your posts giving us glimpses of what is to come and I am one person more of those that want to buy it as soon as it comes out. Please keep us updated.

Best regards,

Dear Erik,

I descend from Francisco Reynoso y Rico five times through three of my grandparents. In my records I had only gone as far back as his parents, so you can see why I am eagerly awaiting your book. In my own research I did find some information connecting the Reynoso’s to the Jewish conversó Herrera family that also comes to Nueva Galicia.

I have also done some research on your Palomar family as I researched the ancestors of Maria Cristina G Palomar y Verea who is a third cousin of your paternal grandmother Bertha Palomar y Aspe. I have done much of Cristina’s family tree for many generations except for her paternal grandmother Genevieve (Genoveva) Loriot who was born in Aug or Sep 1896-1898 in France. I only have Genevieve’s mother as R. Damremoat.

Maria Cristina G Palomar y Verea descends from the Palomar family through both her parents and is more closely related to you through her mother’s Palomar branch of the family. Have you thought about writing a book about your Palomar side of the family? I will have a Chapter about them in my book.

I will let you know when my book comes out.
Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear Rick:

Thank you so much, I think there are some points about conversos that may also interest you in the book. The merchant Francisco de Reynoso Medina (who belonged to the line of Boadilla de Rioseco and had Villacorta as first last name) requested for his son Fernando de Reynoso Angulo the "hábito" of an order of knighthood however it never proceeded and he was made Alferez of Mexico City instead. I wondered why but a finding of the researcher Jorge Barba Gómez had the answer (Tribunal del Santo Oficio Lisboa, Proc. 7722 09.2.1629): it turns out that the sister of Francisco de Reynoso Medina, Beatriz de Reynoso who was born in 1569 in Viseu, Portugal was condemned as "cristiana nueva acusada de judaísmo" and was sent to jail with her husband Diogo Nunes Neto (2th September, 1626). Following her lineage it turns out that her mother, Luisa Clara de Medina who was born in Viseu may have been jewish.

About the Palomar family, yes, I would love to. Last year I contacted the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Zaragoza because three of the Palomar in the 16th C (Juan Miguel, Miguel and Baltasar de Palomar) belonged to that institution when it was the Cofradía de Caballeros de San Jorge and the interesting part is that they are apparently related to the Lords of Argavieso. I don't know how yet, in the Real Maestranza they told me that there is documentation relating them to the Gil de Gurrea Palomar or Gil de Palomar who at some point were descendants of the "de la Cavallería", a lineage that you have studied extensively. Your book will make my library richer, I look forward to read, learn and enjoy it.


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