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who is correct parents for jose domingo cervantes

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By stephmartinez316 - Posted on 02 July 2018

hi im starting to overlook my tree and get back to working on it. the area im looking closely at is jose domingo cervantes his marriage bann was found to be in cinega de mata mexico as of 1798 to maria terrones and several children were listed. people have thought that his mothers name was known as juana but at this time i have yet to find a maiden last name or even a father for him as he is my 6th great grandfather.i have attached the childrens names as follows:Spouse & Children

Maria Nieves Terrones

Maria Rita Cervantes

Jose Monico Cervantes

Maria Paula Cervantes

Maria Diega Cervantes

Maria Remigia Cervantes

Feliciano Cervantes

Maria Claudia Cervantes

Antonio Cervantes


if there is anywhere that im missing at in looking for his parents id be happy to know thanks everyone

Juana Cervantes is the mother of Jose Domingo Cervantes

There is information in their records, but they must be pieced together like a puzzle.

In the record of their daughter Maria Josefa she is identified as “India,...abuelos paternos y maternos no conocidos.”

In their marriage record María De los Nieves Terrones’s parents are identified as Antonio Terrones and Maria Josefa, but the grooms parents are not identified.

In the record of their daughter Maria Claudia she is identified as “Mulata libre,...abuelos paternos Juana Cervantes y maternos no se conocen por qué la madre fue expuesta.”

In another record María De los Nieves parents are identified as Jose Antonio Terrones and Maria Josefa Torres.

Something you might want to look into are the records of Jose Manuel Cayetano Cervantes and Maria De la Asensio de los Dolores Terrones. I believe that they may be closely related to Jose Domingo Cervantes and Maria De los Nieves Terrones.

Rick A. Ricci

hi rick after reading i had went back in my family tree area. in the case of alexander de jesus terrones and or maria de los delores ramirez they are my 7th great grandparents . marriage record was found in 1770 from cinega de mata mexico . i did also note that parents for him was pedro terrones and juana gertrudis martin. a baptismal record was searched for and found concerning pedro terrones who is my 8th great grandfather as follows:
Mexico, Select Baptisms, 1560-1950
View Record
Name Pedro Terrones Gonsales
Gender Male
Baptism Date 10 Jun 1701
Baptism Place Cienega DE Mata,Ojuelos,Jalisco,Mexico
Father Manuel Terrones
Mother Theresa Gonsales
FHL Film Number 640149
Household Members
Name Age
Pedro Terrones Gonsales
Theresa Gonsales
Manuel Terrones

so parents were shown to be as manuel terrones and theresa gonsales. now i will try to search for the other connecting dots as there is some areas of my tree that is not found as of yet. i will post the ones that arent found

Jose Domingo Servantes
Mexico Deaths
Name Jose Domingo Servantes
Gender Male
Burial Date 06 Aug 1798
Death Place Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Mexico
Marital Status Single
Father's Name Jose Maria Ramon
Mother's Name Juana Maria Rozalia Servantes had found this record and also a record regarding another possible marriage to him? had dna update last night on my dna test and it showed guanajuato as dna to me for a area of mexico, would like input on if this is my missing jose domingo cervantes? also in same area where cinega de mata is he is married to someone else as follows:Joseph Domingo Cervantes
Mexico Marriages, 1570-1950

marriage: 5 October 1774 Cienega De Mata, Ojuelos, Jalisco, Mexico
mother: Juana Cervantes
spouse: Maria Getrudis De Estrada
other: Pedro De Estrada, Getrudis De Loia i also seen mother juana listed as previously in other records and he couldnt have been born in 1780 and that date of birth i would have to change as his marriage to maria terrones was later on but would have to go back and look at records again of children to be certain. happy new years to all ===

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