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Introduction: Los Altos Sur, Jalisco region

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By cherna - Posted on 22 June 2018

Hello everyone. My name is Carlos, I live in Michigan and I am a first generation American to parents born in San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco. I'm glad to be a part of and contribute to this group. I am fascinated by history, so researching will be fun for me.

I am interested in researching the following surnames in the Altos Sur region of Jalisco. Primarily (but not exclusively) San Ignacio, and Arandas.

- Hernandez

- Garcia

- Bravo

- Medrano

- Vasquez

- Martinez

- Navarro

Unfortunately, I do not know too much beyond my grandparents, as information was seldom passed down. If you share any of those last names and in the towns I mentioned please let me know.



I have read through searching on here that all or most of the Hernandez the Los Altos sur region stem from the Hernández Gamiño line. (Here:

Can anyone here help me confirm or deny this, please? My great-grandfather is Sabino Hernandez-Gonzales born in Hacienda Guadalupe probably in the early 1900's. I don't know anything beyond him.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello Carlos,

You don’t provide much information to guide a search into your ancestors. Not all the Hernandez in Los Altos sur region descend from the Hernandez Gamino. The H and the F were interchangeable a couple of centuries ago so some of my Hernandez ancestors were more often known as Fernandez De Rueda which are not from the Hernandez Gamino family.

I would recommend that you gather as much information and records on your grandparents and great uncles and aunts as you can, and use this information to guide your next steps. It is important that you start with your own parents and their siblings records to see if they provide more information on your grandparents.

Good luck,


Since you're just getting started, try the following steps. Locate the civil birth and civil marriage records of your grandparents and great grandparents in the civil records for Arandas using, where they're searchable. Those records include San Ignacio Cerro Gordo and they may provide you with the names of your 2x great grandparents. At that point you can then begin to trace your lines further back by using the parish records for Arandas and Ayotlán (formerly Ayo el Chico).

Good luck.

Thank for the response and guidance. It is greatly appreciated. I have all but one grandparent left, which makes gathering [accurate] information difficult.

Thank you for the direction and links! Cheers!

you should give us your farthest ancestors that you're stuck on and see if anyone has information on them or can assist you.

Thank you for the response. For the time being I am trying to follow my Hernandez lineage as far as I can.

I will try to get some answers out of my remaining grandfather. I'll see if he remembers his grandparent's names, or anything else helpful.

For the time being, I know my great grandfather was Sabino Hernandez-Gonzales(z), born in Hacienda de Guadalupe (Municipality of Arandas) whom passed away around 86 years of age. He was married to Guadalupe Hernandez, born in Arandas whom passed away around 80 years of age. All according to my grandfather.

I was able to find a couple results on for Sabino Hernandez-Gonzales(z), but cannot find a connection to my grandfather (his son).

Your grandfather.’s parents and grandparents are most likely listed in his baptismal or birth records. Sometimes these records even have great-grandparents. If your grandfather was related to his wife then there may be more information in a marriage dispensation. Ask your grandfather for the names and dates of his siblings. If you can’t find your grandfather’s records then you should look for his sibling’s records.

You can also check out those death records as they often have additional information. You don’t provide any dates so it would be difficult for others to help you without additional information that will help identify your ancestors.

I don't know about Arandas, but in the Colotlan area where my family is from they list grandparents on the Civil Registration marriage records from about 1860-1920. I would try and locate your great grandparents' marriage record. Usually, grandparents are also on the baptisms starting about 1800 and on the birth records.

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